Board Clears Way for Higher ‘Extra Duty’ Pay for Deputies

RIVERSIDE – The Board of Supervisors today approved the Riverside County sheriff’s proposal to increase overtime extra duty rates charged for sheriff’s services at events that require the use of deputies and other personnel.

In a 5-0 vote, the board without comment authorized Sheriff Stan Sniff to implement a revised overtime pay schedule that reflects the costs borne by the sheriff’s department when deputies, investigators, crime scene technicians – – even accountants — perform work outside of their normal schedules, such as for parades, festivals and other ”special events.”

The new rates will apply to cities that contract for law enforcement services.

Under the revised OT pay schedule, the cost for a deputy who works extra hours outside of his or her customary assignments, will be $72.88 per hour, compared to $71.11 currently.

According to agency documents, the charge for a sheriff’s corporal will go from $75.72 per hour to $77.61 per hour, while a court bailiff’s cost will rise from $52.89 to $54.21.

A sergeant’s rate will increase from $99.46 per hour to $102.94 per hour, and a lieutenant’s will bump up to $81.89, compared to $79.12 per hour previously.

A total of 40 positions were listed in sheriff’s documents. Increases were recorded for all but four of the titles.

The new rates take effect immediately.

2 Responses to "Board Clears Way for Higher ‘Extra Duty’ Pay for Deputies"

  1. Backwards   January 14, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    So the supervisors in a 5-0 vote without comment okay charging taxpayers (aka cities) extra duty pay for overtime without speaking to the cities (aka taxpayers)? Extra pay and then they call on the state for extra funding? This is just another tax like the fire service scam in Murrieta. If the cities are smart, they will look at ways to decrease the need for the sheriff by looking at vending out security at special events so they don’t have to pay the associated costs of hiring overtime county deputies who are valued at $71 an hour to begin with. The sheriff has the board and the taxpayers right where he wants them. Shades of Pacheco.

  2. May B Wright   January 16, 2014 at 12:54 am

    How about less pay when their all sitting around having breakfast on Saturday (at least 8 cars), but when you call for something they dont call you back for 10 to 12 hours. They say crime is down, thats because they dont do reports for the small stuff, wake up people theres a new crook in town.


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