Board to consider higher ‘extra duty’ pay for deputies

RIVERSIDE – The Board of Supervisors today will consider a proposal from Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff to increase overtime extra duty rates charged for services at events that require the use of deputies and other personnel.

The sheriff is seeking to implement a revised fee schedule that reflects the costs borne by the department when deputies, investigators, crime scene technicians – even helicopter mechanics – perform work outside of their assigned hours, such as for parades, rodeos, fairs and other “special events,” according to sheriff’s documents.

The new rates, which will be reviewed as part of the board’s policy agenda, would apply to school districts, courts and the 17 cities that contract with the sheriff’s department for law enforcement services.

Under the revised OT pay schedule, the cost for a deputy who works extra hours outside of his or her customary assignments would be $82.37 per hour, compared to $80.57 currently. The charge for a sheriff’s corporal would go from $85.79 to $87.71 per hour, while the rate for court bailiffs would rise from $59.93 to $61.27, according to agency documents. A sergeant’s rate would increase from $110.13 to $114.85 per hour, and a lieutenant’s would bump up to $91.36, compared to $87.61 per hour now.

A total of 62 positions were listed in sheriff’s documents. Some of the titles and classifications included on the list were not among those that qualified for extra duty overtime pay when the last hikes were approved in 2015. The new rates would take effect immediately.

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