BREAKING: Hemet City Manager Meyerhoff resigns

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Alex Meyerhoff has resigned his position as City Manager for the city of Hemet following what the city is calling irreconcilable differences. Courtesy photo

It was announced that less than two years on the job, Alex Meyerhoff resigned his position as the Hemet City Manager following a Hemet City Council closed session meeting Aug. 8.

Hemet City Attorney Eric Vail made the announcement as the city council came out of the closed-door session saying that Hemet Police Chief will be acting city manager until a replacement can be hired. It is the second time Chief Brown has sat on the dais as the city’s acting city manager. The first was in March 2015 after Wally Hill was fired.

His letter was accepted by members of the city council with Mayor Pro Tem Michael Perciful who was in San Francisco, sat in on the closed session through computer instant messaging.

For weeks, the city council has been sitting in closed sessions discussing Meyerhoff’s performance review. It was apparent during the regular council meetings there were differences of opinion between him and councilmembers Karlee Meyer and Perciful.

Vail in announcing Meyerhoff’s letter of resignation said “the parties recognized that it was time for an amicable separation that is mutually desirable and over time have developed significant differences of opinion concerning management directions of the city and these differences have become irreconcilable. The council has accepted Alex Meyerhoff’s resignation.”

Meyerhoff will be on administrative leave until Sept. 7, Vail said. He will be paid two-months’ salary and accrued time off.

“Obviously, the parties have had a good, but trying relationship and they wish the best for Alex and they plan to move forward and that being, Police Chief David Brown will be the acting city manager for the immediate future while the city looks for an interim and hopefully will embark on the process for a permanent city manager,” Vail concluded

Meyerhoff was hired in January 2015 with a starting salary of $200,000 per year on a five year contract. He replaced Hill who was fired. Meyerhoff now is on a long list of former Hemet city managers who have either resigned early or were fired.

Meyerhoff has been successful during his almost 20 months on the job that includes seeing the passage of Measure U a 1 percent sales tax increase that is being designated only for the city’s public safety departments and the first city budget surplus in 11 years and reducing the city’s growing health cost for retiring city employees.

More recently he was criticized for not answering the suggested changes made in a state audit in a timely manner. The audit placed the city on the state controllers list of “at-risk” cities. Measure U will help the city get off the “at risk” status, but more work will have to be done with a new city manager.

Before signing on as the Hemet City Manager Meyerhoff was community development director in Desert Hot Springs, leaving that position in August after one year. He was previously city manager in the Imperial Valley city of Holtville from 2011-14 and worked in Palm Springs, Coachella, Indio and Twentynine Palms.

After the announcement, Mayor Linda Krupa said, “The entire council has the utmost confidence in the city’s executive team to lead our staff through this transition. We will continue to provide excellent service to our community.”

6 Responses to "BREAKING: Hemet City Manager Meyerhoff resigns"

  1. John Wesson   August 9, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    A very wise decision. Our new city council has goals for our city, and are formulating the plans to move us forward. I feel sure we can find the proper personnel to accomplish these goals. Thank you Hemet City Council for standing strong on these goals!

  2. kimberlee scott   August 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    I grew up in Irvine & am in hemet tie loose ends of my grandmother’s estate who was murdered here last October… I’m still waiting for someone to contact me Kimberlee Scott re: Anna Arnaiz that’s correct of “The ARNAIZ founding families” & this guy got $350,000. From where ? People here r receiving ssi/ssd or welfare & the gain programs a joke cuz there r no jobs somebody needs to call me cuz my grammar was the 3rd person this black widow caregiver killed & cleaned her entire estate out the authorities need to not let me & the dàughter of her previous victim (who happens to be a teacher @ Ramona elem 20+ to get her 1st

  3. I Am The Beast Sssotlohiefmjn   August 11, 2017 at 8:59 am

    The plans the city of Hemet has all suck. They depend on the expansion of the metrolink. California cannot sustain its water usage needs. Without infrastructure, the expansion will crumble.
    It is sad we have such opposition by the rich and exclusive of Hemet against the development of the poor, the homeless and youth. I would like to see city of Hemet return to trash collection but work on hiring homeless willing to accept programs and get clean. Portland had programs putting homeless behind carts for cleaning the streets and sidewalks. The people often had SRO single room occupants for clean and sober living for such workers.
    I also see a need for social networking in Hemet, gardens and food, we need a city market for local Hemet Citizens to sale food for city use in fundings.
    Homeless could inhabit portable mini-home and garden green houses set up by the crew for new or removed and stored on city lots, that would be put on land Hemet citizens allow, no loss of land but they permit these and receive a benefit of abatement provided by city, they can have the persons moved off the land in any 3 month notice. The people grow and raise crops and these are sold at the city market on city grounds for city of Hemet Interests. The people residents of Hemet should have a card to allow them a significant discount on the items but outsiders pay full price for the reason we are PRO-GREEN, the local produce, lack of use of fossil fuel for transport and reach.
    I really think that churches should be afforded opportunities to assist with all green projects and homeless care and concerns, as well as general public civility education whereby people may be taught to do what is right and just over what is not. Morals and Morale.

    • Kim Harris   August 17, 2017 at 1:25 pm

      We love your all your ideas! Social Networking in Hemet as well as the city market and portable mini-homes for the homeless and giving them real jobs is a great suggestion. Way to go, I Am The Beast Sssotlohiefmjn! You should bring this to the council’s attention at a meeting, ASAP. KH

  4. Raquel Gregson   August 11, 2017 at 9:12 am

    With the track record Hemet appears to have with it’s City Managers, it doesn’t look like they could keep a City Manager even if they wanted to, at any price.
    Says something about the Council more than the staff………

  5. Richard Garcia   December 16, 2017 at 11:13 am

    The Big problem is not the City of Hemet it is Riverside County, You see the Guy who is causing all the problems for Hemet is Mr Washington the Riverside County Supervisor wake up folks you have many County offices thru out giving the Home less
    I dont call them homeless I call them what they are drunks criminals drug addicts and
    etc, etc. one way bus tickets and Vouchers, for hotel rooms ,they are evening paying the rent for them for up to six months they give them cards for free food. Get on the computer, phone , write letters , and Tell Mr Washington to send his trash some wher else


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