BREAKING: Elderly man still missing from Murrieta

Robert Cricks went missing early Thursday morning according to Riverside County Sheriff’s office. Anyone with information can contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Southwest Station at (951) 696-3119. Courtesy photo

Riverside County Sheriff deputies are actively searching for an elderly man who went missing early Thursday morning.

76-year-old Robert Cricks went missing from the unincorporated area  of Murrieta near near the intersection of Winchester Road and Murrieta Hot Springs Road since 2:42 a.m., according to a report on the Riverside County Sheriff’s department website.

Upon their arrival to the scene, deputies discovered that Cricks “waited in a running vehicle while his wife entered the restaurant.”

“Cricks’ wife observed him drive away on Winchester Road, towards the city of Temecula,” the press release states.

Cricks suffers from severe dementia, and was not in possession of a cellular telephone or financial means.

“Cricks’ wife believes he is unfamiliar with the area, and is unable to locate his own home or any other familiar destination,” the release states.

76-year-old Robert Ernest Cricks went missing from a restaurant in the unincorporated area of Murrieta on March 19. He suffers from dementia and is unable to find his home. Courtesy photo

The vehicle that Cricks drove off in is described as a silver 2007 Infinity G35 sedan, with California disabled license plate “2304Y dp.”

“Mrs. Cricks retained the key fob for the vehicle when she entered the restaurant, and Robert Cricks would not have the ability to restart the car if it was turned off,” the release states.

Robert is described as a white male, 5’11” and 165 lbs, gray hair, blue eyes.  He was last seen wearing a black ball cap with military pins, a blue jacket, long sleeve blue shirt, and blue jeans.

Deputies are actively searching for leads regarding Mr. Cricks’ whereabouts.  A “Silver Alert” has been issued through the California Highway Patrol, and the public is requested to immediately contact law enforcement if they can provide relevant information.

Anyone with information can contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Southwest Station at (951) 696-3119.

3 Responses to "BREAKING: Elderly man still missing from Murrieta"

  1. Jen   March 21, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    Why would she leave him in a car that has the motor running? Are they traveling and that’s why they’re out at 2:42 in the morning? Need more info on this story!

  2. deb   March 22, 2015 at 7:21 am

    I agree this sounds highly unorthodox. Plus, my car’s engine will shut off if the key fob is not present inside the car. So I am surprised he could drive away.

  3. Carol   March 22, 2015 at 7:23 am

    Why do you need to know what they were doing out at that time and why she left the car running in order to keep an eye on for me. Cricks? The information you’re asking is not pertinent to the intent of the story. The intent is to ask for public help in trying to locate him.


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