Children’s imaginations kick start through art

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. In fact, many believe that your ability to learn is best at a young age.

Imagination is created best through art, as well as helping to open up other aspects of learning, according to Jeanie Pak, owner of MAD (Make a Difference) Art School in Temecula.

“As we get older, we tend to lose that type of inherent drive,” she said.

The opportunity for children to achieve their creative thoughts in public school is sometimes missed.

“I decided to start the art program to give that opportunity back,” she said, she also has two of her own children and feels that children need a creative outlet.

Pak explained the method to teaching at the art school is very similar to the way an individual coach would teach for a specific sport. As opposed to a public school education in art, they teach past the typical 1-2 hour public program.

Art helps to express one’s ideas, emotions and feelings that will also create a “lifetime of healthy habits.”

“We learn better when we are young because we are creative and responsive to the experience

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