CHP to conduct DUI checkpoint in Temecula April 12

TEMECULA – The Temecula Area CHP office will be conducting a sobriety/license checkpoint on April 12, in southwest Riverside County.

Motorists approaching the checkpoint will see informational signs advising them that a checkpoint is ahead. Once diverted into the lane, motorists will be detained only a few moments while an officer explains the purpose of the checkpoint and checks their driver license.

Checkpoints are conducted in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the California Supreme Court decision, Ingersoll v. Palmer.

Young adults, males, and those driving at night, are among those who have the greatest risk of being involved in a collision with an alcohol-impaired driver or worse yet, losing their lives. Local law enforcement will be out in force, cracking down on impaired driving.

Along with the increased enforcement effort, the CHP is asking motorists to help keep the state’s roadways safe by calling 911 to report a suspected drunk driver. Callers should be prepared to provide dispatchers a description of the vehicle, its location, and direction of travel.

2 Responses to "CHP to conduct DUI checkpoint in Temecula April 12"

  1. Timber   April 13, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Will there be a follow-up with the results of the checkpoint?

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, once the Sheriff’s Department releases the final numbers.

  2. Timber   September 19, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    CHP doesn’t seem to disclose the numbers in a timely fashion.


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