Circus life comes to Temecula

The peacock blue and gold tent sitting in the parking lot of the Promenade Temecula is a “Big One.”

Circus Vargas is still in town with its aerialists, acrobats, comedians and more.

Through April 11, America’s Favorite Big Top Circus will be bringing area residents “an artistic journey, encompassing the cultures of the world,” according to a recent news release.

From here, Circus Vargas will head to Ontario Mills Mall, April 14 through 25; San Bernardino off Interstate 10 at Waterman Avenue, April 28 through May 2; and then Victorville at Mall of Victor Valley, May 5 through 9.

“This show tours 10 months out of the year in California,” Leo Garcia, a Circus Vargas acrobat, who performs with his wife, Getti, and 9-year-old boy, Maximus, in “The Ultimate Globe” family motorcycle act, said in a recent interview. “We have a huge following, which is why we can tour one state. The quality of the performers and overall appeal give us a really good turnout.”

Leo said Getti was the only woman in the world who rides in the globe.

“I started performing the globe when I was 15 years old,” she said in an email interview. “I grew up in the circus the same way my husband did. I am a second generation circus performer, and grew up performing all sorts of acts. My brother-in-law taught me how to do the globe. I was an acrobat growing up in the circus. I also perform a hula hoops act.”

Leo and Getti Garcia knew each other since they were children.

“When I was 15 years old, I was performing with my family on Ringling Brothers Circus when Leo and his family came to visit our show,” she continued. “Back then, we had no cell phones or internet to stay in touch, so we became pen pals and wrote letters to one another while he was traveling with his family on another show. We became very close friends and after a few years, he started to visit me and I him. By then we knew we wanted to be together someday and perform our own acts, and travel all over the world with our own family. And, look at us now. Our dream came true.”

Leo Garcia said this year’s Circus Vargas show, including the globe act, is different than the previous year when they came to Temecula for the first time.

Last year, the Garcias performed using a regular globe.

This year, the globe breaks apart into three sections. The top and bottom portions of the globe separate from the middle.

This adds an extra element of danger, said Leo Garcia.

In conjunction with Tabares Entertainment, the 2011 edition of Circus Vargas will also hold everyone’s attention through a series of vignettes depicting the experiences, memories and visions of a traveling circus performer.

The Circus Vargas website is at

And, don’t miss host of the show Jon Weiss, reality television personality from the CBS show “The Amazing Race,” as he gets guests excited during a pre-show peek into the world of Circus Vargas thirty minutes prior to starting time. He will take center stage, and welcome the audience, inviting children to join him for a quick crash course in circus skill and stamina.

Weiss is proud to be a part of the circus. He has been doing it for 30 years.

“It’s an American tradition,” said Weiss in an interview last Thursday. “We’re trying to keep it alive.”

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  1. Mason Mortimer   April 3, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    It was fantastic. Well worth the money spent! Much exceeded expectations!

  2. Ashley Cook   April 7, 2011 at 2:17 pm




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