City of Temecula settles FPPC allegation pertaining to theater brochures

TEMECULA – The City of Temecula has settled an allegation by the Fair Political Practices Commission that the city violated the mass mailing regulations for its Old Town Temecula Community Theater Brochures by including a signed letter from Temecula Community Services Commission President Jeff Comerchero, along with his picture, welcoming patrons to the theater performances for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 theater seasons.

As soon as the allegation was received, City Manager Aaron Adams acknowledged the mistake by staff and immediately ordered a new brochure be corrected and uploaded to the City of Temecula website for the 2013-14 theater season without the letter and


He also instituted additional staff training to make sure that the same oversight is not made again. The city publishes the city newsletter and the guide to leisure activities that comply with the mass mailing regulations.

The Order of the FPPC provides for a penalty of $2,000 for each of the two theater brochures. The FPPC assessed this penalty in the low range of FPPC penalties for mass mailing violations based on the cooperation of the city and the change in the theater brochure to comply with the regulations.

For further information, please contact Aaron Adams, city manager at (951) 506-5100.

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