City of Temecula and Southwest Riverside Autism Task Force receive support and recognition from Sesame Workshop

TEMECULA – In March 2017, on behalf of the Southwest Riverside Autism Task Force, Temecula City Council member Mike Naggar recognized the nonprofit Sesame Workshop for promoting autism awareness through the introduction of Julia, a Muppet with autism. Julia debuted on Sesame Street as part of the show’s nationwide campaign to “See Amazing in All Children,” aimed at reducing the stigma and isolation that so often plagues families with special needs.

Sesame Workshop demonstrated its commitment to children with autism and their families by creating a special episode to welcome Julia, additional online content and educational resources. Julia has been the focus of this initiative to support families of children with autism and forge a strong, continuing commitment with the autism community.

“I am writing to commend Sesame Workshop for taking the initiative to join forces with Autism Society of America and other like-minded partners to develop a community engagement initiative aimed to combat the stigma and isolation surrounding children with autism and their families and to create tools that help children with autism learn various life skills,” Naggar wrote.

The city of Temecula and Southwest Riverside Autism Task Force are pleased to receive the same support and recognition from Sesame Workshop in a heartwarming response.

“The work you’re doing for children affected with autism is equally admirable, and we’d like to send you some resources to utilize in your work,” Sesame Workshop wrote about the city’s long-standing commitment to building an inclusive community.

Some initiatives include the emphasis on inclusive design at the Eagle Soar splash pad at Margarita Park and future park renovations, long-standing partnerships with the nonprofits Our Nicholas Foundation and the Comprehensive Autism Center and workforce readiness programs for individuals with special needs including internships, skills training, and specialized viticulture and horticulture programs.

The city is honored to receive copies of the new book “We’re Amazing, 1, 2, 3” from the Sesame Workshop. This story features Julia enjoying a playdate with her friends Elmo and Abby and promotes the message of inclusion and acceptance that is at the heart of the “See Amazing in All Children” campaign. To learn more about this book, check out For more information about the Southwest Riverside Autism Task Force and the city of Temecula Inclusion Services, contact Temecula Community Services Department at (951) 694-6480.

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