Conservative activist urges support for Reagan’s timeless values

While Ronald Reagan’s passing may have brought the absence of a beloved president, mover, and shaker, it did little to stop the legacy and growing impact of Reagan’s conservative values, ideals which the Temecula Valley Republican Women’s Federated Club is eager to keep alive.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, the club held their annual Ronald Reagan lecture featuring national black conservative leader and social activist Star Parker. From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Parker, founder and president of The Center for Urban Renewal and Education, hailed Reagan’s empowering principles and emphasized the dangers of today’s progressive movement. More than 60 guests and club members were in attendance to hear Parker’s personal testimony of her transition from a nonreligious, welfare-dependent teen to a self-sufficient entrepreneur and Christian believer.

Author of the books “Blind Conceit” and “Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What You Can Do About It,” Parker drew from her extensive experience in the political world to educate attendees about anti-poverty initiatives, and how big government is a threat, not an ally, to the poor. Specifically, she said, redistribution of wealth is inconsistent with the foundation of America and its constitution, violating not only tested economic principles but biblical commandments as well.

“The Ten Commandments say ‘Don’t covet’ and socialism is covetousness. Socialism also violates a second commandment, ‘Do not steal,’” Parker said.

After being arrested for shoplifting as a teen, Parker was told by her school counselor that because she was a “victim of racism,” her illegal actions were justified. As a result, Parker said she is well acquainted with the ideologies of the progressive movement. The agenda, she said, appealingly promotes entitlement and the establishment of a level playing field – something which Parker asserts is anything but level.

“They convince low-wage voters that redistribution of wealth is the key to social justice,” she said, referencing the culture’s crusade to “take from the sons of the enslaver and give to the sons of the enslaved.”

According to Parker, these efforts at equality are dehumanizing, causing minorities to become dependent on a government which convinces the poor they are helpless without its care, and fosters an agenda which forces low-income workers to “scavenge for the crumbs thrown to them”.

“How are we going to build a nation that’s free and prosperous when we’re full of people who are irresponsible and government-dependent,” Parker asked.

For these policies to be changed, Parker said right-wing leaders must strengthen their marketing department, combatting the left’s attack on successful, high-profit individuals.

“Profit is what gives us the engine tomorrow to create the jobs that we so desperately need,” Parker explained.

In addition, Parker stressed a vital need for the re-establishment of Judeo-Christian values in an American society which she said has “collapsed.”

“We are going to be biblical and free, or we are going to be secular and status,” declared Parker.

Once again referencing the restoration that could be brought by Reagan’s former policies, Parker exhorted her audience in the task at hand.

“We have to do these things to save our country.”

2 Responses to "Conservative activist urges support for Reagan’s timeless values"

  1. Murrieta 2016   October 19, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Sectarian politics, where fellow law-abiding Americans are the enemy, is what is destroying this country. Left and right should be flocking to the center to solve this county’s problems cooperatively instead of requiring government and bureaucracy to attempt to do it.

  2. Christopher   October 20, 2015 at 10:56 am

    I always get a little nervous when someone tries to justify his or her position using the Bible or Reagan. When Moses came down off the mountain I do believe he carried common sense under his arm. In any society the playing field is never level, if you grew up in an orphanage you would understand that the cute ones had extra privileges and always found permanent homes. Most likely if the government found out about this they would want to add regulations to this process of natural selection?


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