County accepts donation of city of Temecula fire engine

The county of Riverside has accepted Temecula’s offer to donate one of the city’s fire engines to the Riverside County Fire Department.

A 4-0 Riverside County board of supervisors vote April 18, approved the donation of the 1995 E-One Sentry Pumper, which is currently based at Station 95 on Calle Chapos. The fire engine will continue to be based at Station 95 for the time being, although the transfer to the county fire department provides flexibility to relocate the engine to another station which would provide better service to the region.

The city of Temecula has contracted with the county for fire service since 1989. The transfer of the fire engine ownership will ensure that the vehicle will continue to be functional and available to the regional system while also allowing the flexibility to base fire engines at the most appropriate stations.

The county will take over maintenance costs of the vehicle such as tires, batteries, oil, plugs and other components. The estimated annual cost of that maintenance is $1,500.

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