County Agency to Conduct Health Inspections for State Program

RIVERSIDE – The Board of Supervisors today approved an $8,700 contract with the California Department of Education for Riverside County health inspectors to monitor area vendors participating in the Summer Food Service Program for needy youngsters.

Between June 16 and Sept. 15, Department of Environmental Health personnel will conduct a total 60 inspections of schools and other public or private nonprofits certified to serve daily meals to children as part of the Summer Food Service Program.

Inspectors will ”observe for safe and sanitary food handling techniques, as well as proper storage of food, including leftovers,” according to agency documents. ”Equipment used in the transporting and delivery of meals will be tested for temperature and damage control.”

The inspectors will provide written reports to the California Department of Education.

According to state officials, the Summer Food Service Program is intended to ensure low-income youths 18 and under who qualify for free meals during a school year continue to receive them during summer recess.

The SFSP is federally funded and doubles as a job training program for teenagers and young adults, and keeps many food service workers employed while schools are not in session, state officials said.

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