Exciting change ahead for San Jacinto, San Jacinto Mayor Scott Miller said

Special guests like Dan McLaughlin, CEO of Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, center, is one of many special city, county, state, business executives and chamber members attending the San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce annual State of the City event at Soboba Springs Country Club, Sept. 22. Tony Ault photo

Reviewing the city of San Jacinto’s recent rapid economic and residential growth was Mayor Scott Miller at the annual State of the City address breakfast, sponsored by the San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce, at the Soboba Springs Country Club, Friday, Sept. 22.

Touting the city’s recent record-breaking new housing developments, a 480,000-square-foot Indian casino under construction, the approval of the state Route 79 realignment thorough the city and many new stores and business soon to opening in the city of 40,000 people, Scott said “San Jacinto is a city getting ready to walk into a new season in every area. Everything is about to change, but we must be ready for that change.”

Reviewing the councils’ work in the past year, Miller looked at a number of approvals for new housing projects and commercial businesses. The city’s approval of medical marijuana cultivation developments is promising to bring the city an additional $7 million in revenue each year to add to the city current $15 million operating budget.

He told the more than 125 city staffers, businessmen and residents attending, “We are going to do things that everyone else on the outside has said couldn’t be done… San Jacinto is rising as the regional leader in everything from our school district, college and job creation.”

A video made around the city by members of the San Jacinto City Council, including Mayor Pro Tem Alonzo Ledezma, Andrew Kotyuk, Crystal Ruiz and Russ Utz, reviewed the progress made in the city and where new projects are coming.

Ledezma introduced the progress being made on the new Soboba Indian Casino and Resort at Gilman Springs and Lake Street and the Starbucks, Wienerschnitzel and Aldi supermarket coming on San Jacinto Street and how the build will bring jobs and opportunity to the residents.

Kotyuk talked on the video about the new highway corridors coming into the city, which he feels are sure to bring more housing and commercial development, particularly the $30 million SR-79 realignment approved by the Riverside County Transportation Council and the east-west mid-county parkway.

Ruiz praised the San Jacinto Unified School District for its rise in high school graduations and college entrants and the city’s upcoming volunteer-planned Heritage Month in November. She noted a city record of approving 200 new homes this year and the more than 1,700 lots yet available to interested developers.

Utz praised the city parks, those parks planned in the future and the Specific Plan for a new and improved historic downtown area. He said the many volunteers who have helped in the efforts are really “the backbone of our community.”

“This is the most exciting time in the city of San Jacinto,” Miller said. “We’ve never had such a time of opportunity in front of us as we have right now. So, San Jacinto is pressing forward to a fresh approach and renewed confidence to improve our economic position and raise our quality of life. We are energized and encouraged about our bright and renewed future, but all of this takes action. It can’t happen by itself.”

He called upon city staff and residents to help make San Jacinto “the bright and rising star of Riverside County.”

“This is a wonderful day to celebrate the city of San Jacinto. Are you guy excited?” Miller asked.

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