Find hidden cash Saturday in sweet spots throughout Riverside County

The real estate investor who gained worldwide attention in May for stashing cash in public areas for lucky treasure hunters is coming to Riverside today, July 12, according to ABC News.

This hint comes one day after the once anonymous benefactor, now known to be Jason Buzi, 43, of Palo Alto, returned to the Southland Friday with a drop-and-discover in the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park in Baldwin Hills.

That treasure quest was cut short when the park had to be cleared just after 8 p.m. when it closed.

Buzi, who Tweets under the handle @HiddenCash, apologized for the mix- up, saying ”I’m sorry people. It took me longer to prepare and get there (traffic) and do the drop than I anticipated. We have three more this weekend.”

Buzi later admitted there were five cash packets stashed at Hahn Park and asked his more than 700,000 Twitter followers if anyone knew how many were found before closing time. It remains unclear whether all five packets were found, or whether there is still money to be discovered in the 309-acre recreational area.

Late Friday night, Buzi Tweeted two new hints about his plans for the rest of the weekend in Southern California: a query about how many of his followers live near downtown Los Angeles or in Diamond Bar, and his decision to try leaving his next cash drop in sugar packets.

“Why? Easier to hide, harder to find,” he Tweeted, “and it fits great.”

Buzi tweeted an update early Saturday afternoon to his followers @HIDDENCASH: Riverside: Many of you were so close. By the orange big rig. Lotions & lace. All in that field. Go! And play nice.

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