Floats, performers parade down streets during annual Holiday Magic Push Cart Parade

The city of Murrieta celebrated its annual Holiday Push Cart Parade on Saturday, Dec. 15, and hundreds of residents attended the festivities despite the cold weather.

While the event maintained its non-motorized theme, new additions were a part of this year’s event that included electric vehicles no larger than a golf cart and a Mascot Challenge where mascots were judged based on festive costume design and entertainment.

City organizers stated that at least 50 parade entries were accounted for this year with The Shootist Gun Shop taking first prize. The cart, which was unique and large in its design, included a 20-foot wagon, bales of hay, and children singing Christmas carols.

Following the parade, guests were given the chance to experience a white Christmas in “Snow in the Square,” which featured 15 tons of snow covering Town Square Park.

Off-duty Murrieta firefighters also cooked and served free pancakes during “Pancake Breakfast Under the Stars” in exchange for voluntary donations that would benefit the Murrieta Firefighters Association.

Adults and children of all ages enjoyed themselves during the annual event that brought together families and reminded them of the community spirit that takes place during the holidays.

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