Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park aims to complete monument

The Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park are currently in the process of raising funds for the completion of a monument that will feature Ronald Reagan overlooking a family of four while they work together to facilitate the creation of a park.

The monument will cost approximately $65,000 to complete and will mark the culmination of a project that has been more than two years in the making.

In February of 2012 the first phase of the monument was completed in the park through a similar kind of fundraising effort. It featured a statue of Reagan with shovel in hand against a tile backdrop.

Behind Reagan was an inscription that describes the purpose for the monument; it contains a portion of a speech Reagan made in 1983 before the United States Olympic Committee. The 40th president praised people of the city of Temecula for their effort to create a park without utilizing any sort of government funding.

That form of self-sufficiency, which Reagan praised in his speech, was what the friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park wanted to encapsulate in a monument, according Perry Peters, the president of the organization.

Peters said they set about achieving that through their initial fundraiser, which aided in the completion of the statue of Reagan. Now they’re attempting to finish the second part of the monument which will depict a family of four working in unison by pulling weeds and performing other types of tasks in the park.

However, there have been some roadblocks between the two separate phases of construction. The statue of Reagan was set on fire in late September of 2013. His painted on shirt and blue jeans were covered in thick, black soot, and the heat from the fire also caused some tiles from the backsplash behind the statue to fall off. It costed many thousands of dollars to not only fix the monument, but also to install security cameras.

But now the monument is back on a normal track toward completion. Peters added he thought the completion of the monument was an important goal because the youth of today should be familiar with Ronald Reagan and his legacy as well as the ideals of hard work and self-reliance.

“I think it’s especially needed these days when people seem to be relying more and more on government for getting things done,” he said. “I think we need that message right now.”

The Sports Park organization has started their fundraiser on Indiegogo. To learn more about the project or contribute funds, visit their page at:

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