The game of elevated philanthropy used to be a rich man’s sport but Temecula Impact Club aims to change that

In every community across the world, there are so many people who feel inspired to impact lives, who want to make a difference. They want to be a part of, and belong to, something bigger than themselves!

“The problem is, most folks aren’t rich,” says Josh Painter, local entrepreneur and Impact Club co-founder. “So, the act of writing a $100 check, or whatever small amount they can afford, doesn’t feel like they’re making a lasting impact. And because that small donation doesn’t feel significant, 99 percent of the people who could write a $100 check, don’t.”

The result? You have thousands of people in every community (untapped potential to make an impact) who do nothing because they don’t see how their small donation will make a huge, unparalleled impact on the family, cause, or organization that their donation is given to.

“And they’re right,” he says.

“A $100 donation, by itself, won’t do much. It’s like giving an entrepreneur a hundred bucks to launch a new company. It doesn’t work. $100 isn’t enough. The solution to this problem, in the business world, is crowdfunding. The capital of one person can’t bring the idea to life. But the capital ($100 each) of 100 backers/supporters equals $10,000, which absolutely can bring something to life.”

“The best part?” Painter says, “Not any one person had to write a $10,000 check. But every one of those 100 backers, who wrote the $100 check, had the same $10,000 Impact.”

“That is what the Impact Club does,” he says. “It turns small donations into huge Impact.”

“With just 100 Impact Club Members, right here in Temecula, committed to writing just four $100 checks per year (one per quarter), $40,000 of capital is surgically injected into our local community, to help children and families— thanks to every Impact Club member that played their part, as an “Impact Venture Capitalist,” who now share an equal equity-stake in the massive Impact achieved.”

Temecula Impact Club members will meet at Wilson Creek Winery Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m. Three local charities will present. Impact Club members will vote. The winning charity will then receive a large check between $10,000 and $20,000 to impact local families. For information on the event, and to see how to become an Impact Venture Capitalist, as a founding member of the Temecula Impact Club, visit: www.ImpactClubTemecula or call (951) 265- 3524.

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