Hemet City Manager Reports on Growth, Development

Paul Bandong
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Hemet City Manager, Alex Meyerhoff, emphasized the City of Hemet’s “Pro-Growth and Pro-Development” approach as he described the many commercial and residential projects in Hemet during a recent First Friday event sponsored by the Hemet San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a really great year for the city,” Meyerhoff said, as he started by naming some recently completed projects. “The KPC Towne Center, a long-standing eyesore and homeless hangout has been remodeled and provides hundreds of jobs,” said Meyerhoff. The center includes Burlington, Sprouts and ULTA.

Burger King has been remodeled. The Hemet Valley Mall upgrade was recently completed. Popeye’s Chicken and Red Robin have been updated. The Gosch Toyota remodel is complete. Tommy’s Express Car Wash is completed.

Meyerhoff then addressed the Downtown Hemet Specific Plan. The city has streamlined the entitlement process, created a mixed-use template, and allowed for higher intensity land use and taller buildings. The City received a Merit Award from the American Planning Association, California Chapter for its “Comprehensive Plan – Small Jurisdiction.”

Hemet also received a Western Riverside Council of Governments grant for a “wayfinding plan,” specifically gateway signage. Hemet is also being considered for a future MetroLink site as part of the RTA Mobility Hub Project.

There are also a number of new projects underway. The Pedder Chrysler Auto Dealership is planning a 30,149-square-foot dealership that will allow them to sell a projected 400 more cars per year and create more local jobs.

“Six to eight of our top 10 retail sales tax generators are auto dealerships,” said Meyerhoff.

Zanderson Plaza at the corner of Sanderson and Menlo will be 67,000 square feet. A quick-serve restaurant and gas station are planned. The former Coco’s Restaurant location will house a Habit Burger Grill and a furniture store.

Other projects include Shop ‘n Go, First Certified Collision and Circle K gas station.

Approximately 86,000 square feet are planned for Hemet industrial.

Housing projects include 24 multi-family condos at Santa Fe Pointe, 92 single-family residences of 1,64 to 3,477 square feet at Phase II of Stony Mountain, 75-83 units at River Oaks Ranch, 20 single family residences on 6000 square foot lots by BNR Income, 20 single family residences on 20,000 square foot lots at Coromdeo Court.

Rancho Diamante is planning 448 single family residences on 104 acres. Rancho Diamante II is planning 630 single family residences on 60 acres.

In response to a question on homelessness in the city, Meyerhoff responded that “Everyone looks to the city, but the city does not actually provide services for housing, mental health, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There are two types of homelessness we need to deal with: chronic and families. Our solution for change includes partnering with organizations that provide needs assessment, identify resources and provide great social services.”

Hemet City Councilwoman Karlee Meyer noted that the city recently held a community forum on homelessness that was attended by 150 concerned citizens.

“We encourage our residents to empower not enable by giving to organizations that show compassion responsibly,” Meyer said. “Our street team makes a great impact. The relationships they create are a bridge to the next step from hopelessness to encouragement.”

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  1. Richard Garcia   June 24, 2017 at 11:37 am

    My wife and I Have noticed drug sales taking place at the liquor store on the corner of Lyon and Florida every evening we have sent letters to the police dept. We can not believe that the drug sales continue right out in the open. You can go to that location any Friday or Saturday night park across the street from that liquor store and see drug sales and prostitution taking place right out in the open. It is my understanding that we have laws that people are not supposed to be loitering in front of liquor stores drive up and down Florida ave. on any given night and you will see much of this going on. people do not have legal rights to do this. I recently read where a elderly couple where followed home by two black men on drugs when the woman and her husband were taking groceries out of the trunk of the car one of the men shot and killed the husband .Folks we need to put pressure on people in this town so they will move out and find another safe haven to do all the crap some where else. We as Citizens are not doing this and really thats why we have them here.What I see going on in this town is not being put up with in other towns I visit.


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