Hemet Police Department to use grant to increase traffic safety

The Hemet Police Department will be using a $130,000 grant to try to prevent traffic related deaths and injuries in the city, officials said.

The grant, provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety for a year-long program, will go toward such things as DUI saturation patrols; bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement; distracted driving enforcement; and speed, red light and stop sign enforcement, according to a Hemet police news release.

The release says the number of people killed on California’s roadways fell to a ten year low in 2010, but in recent years then number of fatalities has increased. There were 3,429 fatalities across the state in 2015.

Pedestrian and bicycle fatalities now comprise close to 25 percent of all traffic deaths. Distracted driving and drug impaired driving are also a growing danger contributing to traffic fatalities.

“Unsafe behaviors account for 94 percent of traffic crashes,” OTS Director Rhonda Craft said. “This grant emphasizes the two most effective ways to change behaviors – education and enforcement. Hemet Police Department, with assistance from the Office of Traffic Safety, will use these tools to help keep Hemet streets safe.”




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  1. Citizen   November 17, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Very little very late. Hemet is completely out of control with expired in and out of state tags most likely without insurance. Many, many vehicles out of specs without mufflers, non functioning equipment, unlawful modifications. This is aside of the slew of unskilled, speeding, texting drivers.
    How about getting “our” police officers off their duff? Never see one, except that lonely motorcycle officer.


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