Hemet Police offer plan to speed up carry concealed weapon permitting process

Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown forwarded a plan to speed up the application process for citizens requesting to carry concealed weapons through an online third party, winning the approval of the Hemet City Council during a work study session Tuesday, Oct. 3.

The Hemet Police Department in recent months has received inquiries from residents asking if the police department could speed up the permit process to legally carry concealed weapons. The permits are only issued to residents for good cause and good morals. No one convicted of a felony crime can carry a concealed weapon.

Until the city council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 24, the only way someone meeting those qualifications and other requirements could obtain the permit would be through the Riverside County Sheriff. Just to get an appointment to begin the process through the sheriff often would take from 18 to 20 months, studies showed.

Brown said that until now eight out of 10 area police chiefs who do have the authority to issue the permits have elected to turn the process over to the sheriff’s office. Then, he said, he and the police chiefs from Murrieta, Beaumont and Banning learned of an online process through a former police officer that could expedite the process.

The third-party website is www.MyCCW.us. MyCCW helps qualified applicant’s process their carry concealed weapon permit in as little as three to four months, according to Brown. However, the process will be more costly since the background checks are contracted out.

There are still very strict requirements a person must meet to gain the permit, including intensive background checks, a gun safety course and other health and mental requirements, regardless of the need. MyCCW coordinates all the necessary background checks, psychological review, live scan and firearms safety courses for the applicant. The final reports from MyCCW are forwarded to the police chief and the carry concealed weapon department who make the final approval. The whole process costs more than the current method through the sheriff.

How much? Brown outlined the costs for the “expedited licensing process.” It starts with the expedited background check made by MyCCW, $298; Department of Justice Live Scan, $93; internal processing, $20; Live Scan fee, $20, bringing the total to $431. There are other estimated costs applicants must pay as well for a psychological assessment, $150; firearms safety course, $140 and an internal review made by the Hemet Police Chief, $80. The complete process will cost approximately $801.

Many of the required forms may be filled out and submitted online through MyCCW, and the applicant will be contacted for interviews, testing and other requirements by the police department.

Brown said applicants will know whether they are qualified by the time MyCCW does the first expedited background checks. If they don’t qualify, then “they are only out the $289,” Brown said.

Brown said most of the costs are limited by statute. In a news release, Brown said, “We want to ensure that Hemet residents have access to a fair and timely process to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.”

Brown said residents over 21 years of age may still apply for their carry concealed weapon permits through the sheriff’s office or they have two ways to apply in town. The first method would by going online to MyCCW or the Hemet Police Department website, searching for the expedited carry concealed weapon license program and filling out the online forms, or the second option would be to come to the Hemet Police Department at 450 E Latham Ave. in Hemet to pick up the applications.

For more information about the Hemet concealed weapons license program, contact Lt. Glen Brock at [email protected].

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  1. Citizen   November 7, 2017 at 9:08 am

    How about forbidding concealed weapons of any kind so that normal citizens can dare to go out again without being shot by some nutjob.

  2. cuauhtemoc   November 7, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    I’m a criminal I don’t need a ccw!


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