Hemet Valley Medical Center ‘White Coat Ceremony’ welcomes first year osteopath residents

New Hemet Valley Medical Center resident Dr. Michael Macellari receives his white coat during a presentation, July 31. Shane Gibson photo
New Hemet Valley Medical Center resident Dr. Michael Macellari receives his white coat during a presentation, July 31. Shane Gibson photo

The 18-member class of Hemet Valley Medical Center’s third class of graduate osteopathic resident doctors was welcomed to the Center’s osteopathic school in a traditional “White Coat Ceremony” by members of the Physicians for Healthy Hospital’s board, teachers, staff and fellow residents Monday, July 31.

The new resident doctors have already earned their medical degrees after graduating from different schools and universities and accepted resident internships at the Hemet hospital. They were chosen from among a long list of applicants for their chosen skills and accepted to attend the Hemet Medical Center’s American Osteopathic Association approved 3-year residency program. It is the hospital’s third year of offering graduate doctors AOA residency. The school is recognized by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. In two more years, the hospital will earn its final ACGME accreditation.

The new DO’s have begun their three-year residency requirement in the chosen field of their choice including AOA Radiology, AOA Internal Medicine and AOA Traditional Rotating Internships. The Traditional Rotating Internships help the doctors determine what specialty they want to master.

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine are fully licensed physicians who practice in all areas of medicine. Their emphasis is a whole person approach to treatment and care. DO’s are trained in medical school and hospitals to listen and partner with their patients to help them get healthy and stay well.

The new osteopathic residents were introduced by Hemet Medical Center Dr. Frederick E. White the hospital’s diagnostic radiology specialist, Dr. Hemchand Kolli, internal medicine; Dr. Jeffrey Karst, M.D., APD Hemet Diagnostic radiologist and Dr. Samanta Chaudhuri, Traditional Year.

After each of the new resident doctors were introduced they were asked to stand and Dr. S. Chaudhuri had them recite the Osteopathic and Hippocratic Oaths as many of their family watched in admiration.

The closing remarks were given by Kali Chaudhuri, M.D., Chairman and CEO of the Physicians for Healthy Hospital’s owner. He said, in reality, his closing remarks would actually be “opening remarks.”

He said by entering the residency they had actually have begun their climb to becoming a qualified and respected physician who would soon be on their own. He told them that nothing for them is impossible and to make everything possible.

With that, he urged the new residents to make sure they work hard to keep their board scores up and make the “hospital proud of you!” He told them he had only three recommendations to them while they are doing their residency. “One. Work hard. Two. Work hard. Three. Work hard!” And the new residents will be working hard at the hospital usually working 60 to 80 hours a week and spending even more reading about medical practices.

Residencies require physicians to learn and work in teams all for the benefit of their patients. Attending the white coat ceremony were members of the first and second AOA classes at the hospital. The second and third year residents with the new residents to help polish their medical skills.

The first-year residents at the Hemet Hospital and their chosen specialties or still undecided specialties being taken under their wings by the senior residents and the highly qualified school staff are:

Tri-RAD link (Radiology): Dr. Jacob Burns, Dr. Saad Farooq and Dr. Kelly Powell.

Transitional Rotating: Dr. Danito Auello, Dr. Thomas Dutra, Dr. Mark Julian, Dr. Michael Macellari, Dr. Amanda O’Hara, Dr. Boone Parkinson, Dr.Tarn Quach, Dr. Syad Sadat and Dr. Katrina Wilson.

Internal Medicine: Dr. John Carvalho, Dr. Allyne Delossantos, Dr. Lysa Ho, Dr. Sirish Nakka, Dr. Scott Roberts and Dr. Randall Slusarenko

In addition to welcoming the new doctors the staff named Nancy Tran, D.O., as the Internal Medicine Resident of the Year and Ryan McGeary, D.O., Diagnostic Resident of the Year.

Special guests attending the ceremonies were Hemet Mayor Linda Krupa, Lori Van Arsdale from the Ramona Bowl, Real estate consultant Howard Rosenthal, Dr. Michael Finley, DO, Western University of Health Sciences, Physicians for Healthy Hospital’s Chief Financial Officer Dan McLaughlin, Hemet Hospital Chief Nursing Officer and other doctors and nurses.

“I am excited about this (white coat ceremony) great testament about the wonderful things happening on our campus,” McLaughlin said before the ceremony. “These doctors are preparing the world of medicine. Hopefully they will choose to stay in our community. We just need more physicians.”

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