Hundreds of women attend 10th annual Women in Business event

Julie Ngo of State Farm Insurance provided a designer handbag won by Gillian Larson of Reality Rally at the recent Women in Business conference held at South Coast Winery. Paul Bandong photo
Julie Ngo of State Farm Insurance provided a designer handbag won by Gillian Larson of Reality Rally at the recent Women in Business conference held at South Coast Winery. Paul Bandong photo

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business event sold out for the fourth consecutive year. Over 350 women and 51 vendors participated in this year’s event held Sept. 8 at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa. This year’s theme was “Living in Your Vision” and featured four expert speakers who educated and inspired with their presentations.

This is the 10th year for the conference event. According to Temecula Chamber President/CEO Alice Sullivan, this event was a result of a survey of their membership over 10 years ago. Originally named Business Women Advocates, the aim was “to provide an arena for women to network with each other, find resources, mentor others and receive additional education and support. This group has offered new opportunities, connections and resources for women in business.”

The first speaker was Karissa Harrison, pastor of Family Life & Women’s Ministries at Cornerstone Community Church. She encouraged women to, “Live in Your Vision Instead of Your Reality.”

“Your reality of today is not glamorous, but your vision is,” said Harrison, “Choose to operate from your imagination instead of your memory.” She went on to describe the need to activate both parts of the brain: the emotional “Elephant” and the rational “Rider,” emphasizing the need to “inspire” the elephant and “lead” the Rider.

Lois Hall, founder of Access to Leadership, shared insights on “Leadership and Building An Effective Team.” Her lemon example demonstrated the power of visualization and her recent experience training a dog sled tem in Alaska formed the basis of her presentation, “Forming, Storming, Norming, High-Performing.”

Jan Smith, President and Founder of the Inland Management Group, shared her insights on “The Varied Vintages of the Multi-Generational Workplace.” Smith emphasized the importance of understanding the different generations, Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and Generation Z. “We see through our generational lenses,” said Smith, “And this is the first time in history that we have five generations working in the marketplace at the same time.”

After describing the characteristics of each generation, Smith gave some tips for working with and managing multi-generational workplaces including, leverage the specific expertise, accommodate learning styles, create conducive work spaces, motivate with interaction and communicate wisely.

The final speaker, Victoria Cabot, President of Velocity6, spoke on “Modern Goal Setting for Success.” Step one is to have a clear vision of “Your Why” – what fuels your passion and emotion. She then used her trademarked “Traction Wheel” to describe two “who’s” and two “how’s.” She then encouraged the group to develop “B.H.A.G” (“Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals”).

Cabot ascribes her success to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and stated that “how we transfer our value is our best gift to others…knowledge is power, but teaching others is empowerment.”

The Master of ceremonies for the event was “Mamma Mia” Digenan from 101.3 The Mix. The 51 vendors provided products, services, education and resource connections. The event also had a silent auction. Gillian Larson, founder of Reality Rally, one of the largest volunteer-run events in the area, won the designer handbag raffle provided by Julie Ngo of State Farm Insurance.

The women networked throughout the day and a positive experience was had by all. “We thank the committees and staff who have continued to make this event a highly sought-after conference,” said Sullivan.

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