Inland Empire gasoline price decreases slightly

RIVERSIDE – The average price of gasoline in the Inland Empire dropped a half-cent today to $3.771 for a gallon of self-serve regular after recording its first back-to-back increases since a 10-day streak of rising prices from Sept. 29-Oct. 8.

The average price in Riverside and San Bernardino counties is 2.3 cents less than one week ago and 43.8 cents lower than one month ago, but 5.2 cents more than one year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

The average price rose a half-cent on Sunday and two-tenths of a cent on Monday after decreasing 45 of the previous 47 days.

One Response to "Inland Empire gasoline price decreases slightly"

  1. Ecstatic!   November 28, 2012 at 12:52 am

    Yea!!! They go down 2-3 cents then up 20, go down another 2-3 cents then back up another 20… Why should we be happy about this? I’m sorry but a reasonable gas price should be back down in the $2-$3 range… and personally I think even that is still too high. Fortunately we still aren’t as bad as Europe. Maybe Obama can give us FREE gas! Oh wait… I’m not the right color/race for that handout, plus I’m here legally….


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