Inland Empire Pot Entrepreneur Convicted in Federal Court, Faces at Least 10 Years

LOS ANGELES – The head of a Inland Empire pot-growing and distribution business, with stores in Moreno Valley, Colton and Upland, was convicted of federal drug charges that mandate he spend at least 10 years in prison.

Aaron Sandusky, 42, of Rancho Cucamonga, founder and owner of G3 Holistic, was convicted at trial of conspiring to grow pot, possessing it and distributing it. He could get up to life in prison when he is sentenced Jan. 7, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Federal law does not allow any kind of marijuana business and it trumps state laws recognizing it as medicine. In October 2011, prosecutors warned Sandusky in writing.

Sandusky and five associates were later indicted by a federal grand jury, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office alleging they were using California laws that provide for nonprofit groups to grow and distribute pot to people whose doctors have recommended it.

In November 2011, federal agents raided the Upland G3 Holistic store and seized $11,500 in cash.

According to the indictment, G3 Holistic took in $3.3 million during an eight-month period last year. The pot-growing operation was in Ontario.

Sandusky’s older brother, Keith, and the other four indicted pleaded guilty before trial and are awaiting sentencing. The trial started Tuesday.

4 Responses to "Inland Empire Pot Entrepreneur Convicted in Federal Court, Faces at Least 10 Years"

  1. Common Sense   October 13, 2012 at 8:01 am

    Cartels put us all in danger, but they’re supported by law enforcement, private prisons, and substance abuse counselors who make a living off of prohibition. How is marijuana dangerous again? Oh yeah, it isn’t. Industrial hemp isn’t the least bit dangerous either but it is also illegal for some unknown reason. Industrial hemp and marijuana cannot be grown together. Marijuana is the flowering bud from female cannabis plants and cannot be grown alongside industrial hemp, so why is industrial hemp illegal? Prohibition is a sham and American citizens have been getting shafted for over 75 years because of our lying government. Its high time we put an end to prohibition and the corruption it breeds.

  2. Ryan   October 14, 2012 at 2:07 am

    This guy might get life in prison? Wow. Seems a little (a lot) excessive. Time to legalize pot and free up some much needed space in our prisons. Also would cut the cost of law enforcement and allow more time to be spent on actually protecting and serving citizens.

  3. 3j   October 15, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    My tax dollars at work.

  4. izo   November 24, 2012 at 6:27 am

    when someone breaks into my house all the cops in the world are aressting a man who is running a business that is supposed to be ok in ca, so they will be there in a couple of hours, maybe. To say there’s nothing they can do and ask me if I have the guy who broke into my house his social security card. Unbelievable, I think it is time for the government get their …. together. These guys in charge seem more and more like the little rascals. It seems to me the charges stem from blowing the whislte on the mafioso mayor. To get to that spot, he has connections. Used his connections to get some revenge.


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