Lake Elsinore green lights food trucks

The city home to the nation’s largest food truck manufacturer passed a law allowing mobile restaurants to operate within the city limits.

The Lake Elsinore City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, July 22 to move forward in the approval process to pass the ordinance. Final approval is expected to take place in a few weeks and then the law will commence 30 days later.

The new law will allow food trucks to operate in public areas after they obtain a mobile vending and business license from the city. They also have to receive a health permit from the county.

California Cart Builder, the nation’s leading manufacturer of food trucks, is headquartered in Lake Elsinore and until this law is passed the trucks and trailers made in the city cannot operate within the city limits.

Rod and Elma Eaton who own California Cart Builder were thrilled to hear the news about city council supporting their type of business.

“We manufacture the highest quality food truck, concession trailer, mobile kitchen, catering truck, institutional food service trailer, and other mobile businesses,” said Rod Eaton.

“Once the food trucks are allowed in the city we will help anyone who wants to start their own business meet all federal codes and states codes. We will also help prospective owners with the health codes,” Rod Eaton said.

Elma and Rod will also assist aspiring vendors connect with lenders to obtain financing.

The food trucks will not try to compete with local restaurants. The mobile units will operate away from brick and mortar buildings and they mainly focus on locations where people congregate like parks where restaurants are not readily accessible.

Under the proposed ordinance, food trucks will also have to stay 250 feet away from restaurants.

Dottie Merki, program chief and public information officer with the Riverside County Environmental Health Department, said that since the County has approved food trucks in the spring eight plans for the mobile businesses were submitted.

Out of the eight people who applied to operate a food truck, five completed the business plan approval and are now legally allowed to operate. Murrieta had one person approved; three were in Corona and one in Riverside

“The cost to have the county review the plans is $580,” Merki said. “It is much less expensive than a restaurant whose plans are based on the size of the facility.”

The vendors also have to tell the county where they plan to operate so the health inspectors can do random inspections.

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  1. Frank   December 26, 2014 at 1:14 am

    We own a Food Truck in Dallas and considering moving to Lake Elsimore. Since we have an already built truck, are the plans necessary for us to obtain a permit to operate the truck? If anyone had additional information it would be great.


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