Local seminars help people with relationships, career and personal growth – Learn the automatic responses that are controlling you


A series of seminars and clinics are coming to our area in the next month to help people achieve greater success and happiness their relationships, career, and personal growth and development. They are called Engage You Seminars and will be lead by Don and Kathleen Thoren and held at the Pala Mesa Resort on August 29-31 and September 19-21.

Don and Kathleen have been helping individuals as well as large corporate teams at Honeywell, Motorola, American Fence Company, General Electric, City of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, IBM, Cooper Industries and Chase Bank achieve greater success for decades. Now they are bringing their “Engage You” seminars to Pala Mesa Resort for Village and Valley News readers and clients.

In addition to the 3-day seminar, there are some 1-hour clinics being offered for free from the Thorens in Fallbrook and Murrieta on August 18th and 19th (information is provided at the end of this article).

“We have had a lot of fun while breaking through some pretty amazing barriers to personal growth that we didn’t even know existed,” said Village and Valley News Publisher Julie Reeder. “Since the seminar, I have felt like a new person and the people who attended with me have had lasting results because the seminar helps you change your thinking so that you can react differently to situations and life. I attended mainly to support someone else at the seminar and was so glad I decided to go. These seminars benefit everyone, whether you’re feeling ‘stuck’ or just want to improve your already great life.”

Below is a small glimpse of the 3-day workshop.

Positive Thinking Can Be Lousy!

by Kathleen Thoren, MA

Has anyone ever told you to “Just think positive!” Is it really that easy? Not always.

When our attempts to just “think more positively” don’t change our behavior, we judge ourselves and feel worse than before.

Are there any perfect people out there who do exactly what they want all the time?

Most of us have a few areas in our life that we would like to change or at least improve, but no matter how hard we try to think positively we stay the same.

This is a familiar example – You know the formula for losing weight. Eat less and exercise more. It makes sense, we agree with it, and it is clear. No more explanation needed. Easy, right?

So we start thinking positively… “I love celery,” “I see myself in a skinny body,” “I can lose weight”. But it doesn’t work. The “lose weight” industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why is that? We’re stuck and we don’t know why.

Good news! If thinking positively isn’t changing your behavior, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s not because you’re weak and lack self-discipline.

It comes from a factory-installed automatic coping mechanism. This natural, in-born instinct to protect you from emotional and physical pain is controlling your behavior.

At a very early age, this instinct made decisions for you subconsciously. Those decisions morphed into your point of view (POV) and it still sticks to you like gorilla glue today.


1. Identify your subconscious “decisions” clearly and specifically.

2. Appreciate your brilliance and ability to make these “decisions” when you needed them.

3. Look at how they negatively affect your behavior in the present and what they have cost you in your personal and business life today.

For more information, go to:


or call 602-315-5997. The seminar is guaranteed by the Thorens to be different from any other seminar you’ve ever attended.

The next seminar will be held at Pala Mesa Resort, August 29-31 or September 19-21, 2014. Can’t make the local one? Attend one in Tempe, Arizona at The Lake House, Oct. 10-12 or Nov. 14-16, 2014.

Kathleen Thoren has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and has 22 years of experience helping men and women break free to create the life they want.

Don Thoren is a Certified Management Consultant and Leadership Mentor who has been mentoring people in life skills, speaking, communication, and creative problem solving for over 30 years.

Additional information on free 1-hour clinics


Espresso Lounge, 139 S Main Ave. (Alvarado St & Fig St) Fallbrook


Coworking Connection, 25185 Madison Ave, Murrieta



Respond powerfully and lovingly in your relationships.


1. How to push the pause button on your automatic reactions when feeling defensive, frustrated or get negatively surprised (shocked).

2. What to say in the heat of a tense moment.

3. How to stop judging yourself and others.

4. The Four Questions that diffuse tense communication.

5. How to listen to gain mutual understanding and build trust.

6. Reach agreements that enrich the relationship and work together.

Monday 6 pm Fallbrook location and Tuesday 1 pm -Murrieta location





1. A method for identifying different communication styles

2. How to identify the sources of interpersonal stress

3. To become more perceptive in recognizing the needs of others

4. How to build respect – the indispensable bridge between perceiving a need and becoming willing to respond

5. How to be more proactive in responding to differences in people and/or the uniqueness of a situation

6. The skill of getting positive results from conflicting opinions

Monday 1 pm Fallbrook location – Tuesday 6 pm Murrieta location

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