Los Angeles-based animator and short filmmaker plans to shoot movie in the Inland Empire

A Los Angeles-area short filmmaker and animator is making his way to the Inland Empire to make his first full-length science fiction feature and is on the cusp of starting the first part of that film soon now that his kickstarter proposal for it has reached full funding.

Venice Beach resident Oliver Daly’s film project “Miles” is the story of a 15-year-old boy who discovers a top secret military project.

The project, a biomechanical creature capable of extraordinary functions, was supposed to replace soldiers on the front line of battle, but it forms a bond with the 15-year-old boy after escaping from the governmental facility that created it.

Daly said the film is supposed to blur the line between humanity and technology by asking the question of where we’re going as technology further integrates itself into our lives.

The animator said he picked the Inland Empire as a shooting location for the film because many cities within the region boast a relatively large motocross population.

Locations like Temecula, Lake Elsinore and Menifee were where many of the riders Daly connected with on social media were from and so it only seemed natural to film a movie in those places, he said.

“The kinds of guys and girls that I was looking for all seemed to be located in these places and were all kind of networked together,” Daly said. “And they were posting a lot of photos of (themselves) riding, eating, or just messing around with their friends.”

Daly said he picked the world of motocross specifically because it worked well with the premise of his movie.

“It’s about technology and blurring the boundaries between what is a living thing and what is a machine,” he said. “And that’s sort of also how I see motocross riders is that they kind of pair their human power with their bike and they become one with it in the same way that this creature and this dirt bike rider kind of become one.”

Of course, having an idea is just the first step of putting together a film and Daly and his friend Adam Schneider set about creating a plan that would allow concept to become reality.

Schneider suggested that Daly consider doing a proof-of-concept short for the film, which is essentially a small segment of the larger film that big production studios can take a look at.

Schneider said that the reason the two decided to do a proof-of-concept is because many big-time studios are reluctant to sign onto feature films without the backing of a big director.

They might have allowed Daly to write the script for the film, he said, but they would probably not let him direct it if they could attain a better-known director.

“What I said to him is, ‘look at what a lot of these emerging filmmakers are doing,’” Schneider said. “And that is to create a proof-of-concept short, which sort of illustrates to financers and to movie studios that you have the ability and the vision to execute a feature film.”

So that was the next step for the aspiring filmmaker, who started a Kickstarter page for his idea and quickly racked up the $40,000 necessary to do his proof-of-concept short.

At current time, with four days left to go, the project has attained 166 backers and $40,138 in funding.

Schneider said he is excited for the project and thinks Daly is extremely talented for his ability to take a science fiction movie and use it to convey a deep and emotional story. He pointed to films that have come before “Miles” such as “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park” for their use of a similar structure.

“At their core, these films have this really important human emotional story which drive them,” he said. “And on top of that you want to have spectacular visuals, you want to have a look into a world that’s never been seen before.”

“And I think that’s what Oliver does so well because he’s incredibly intelligent and incredibly visual but he never loses site of what the core emotional story of what the film needs to be,” he said.

To contribute to the “Miles” Kickstarter page, visit the website at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/168347763/miles.

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