Making friends after retirement

When a person is younger, it can seem he can’t wait until retirement. After all, who wants to deal with going to work every day and coping with coworkers and a boss? However, many people overlook the opportunities for socialization that working provides.

A person can get out of the house and see people – apart from his family – with whom he can converse. Many retirees find that life can be a bit boring after the job ends, primarily because they don’t have access to the same level of socialization as they once did.

Making friends can keep a person active and healthy. If someone is a bit rusty in the friend-making department, it’s pretty much how it was when he was younger. He simply must find individuals who have similar interests and goals.

Some ways of making friends are:

•Volunteer in the community and one is bound to find potential friends who are like-minded.

•Take classes at a college or university. Many offer free or discounted rates for seniors. This is a great way to meet people of all ages and walks of life.

•Attend clubs at senior centers or houses of worship. It’s likely that there are plenty of other people looking for relationships.

•Think about interests. If one likes fishing, sewing or boating, join a club that caters to those interests. Others who share these hobbies will be there.

•If a person is new to an area, host an open-house party and invite neighbors in for introductions and some socialization.

•Join a social networking site online. One can connect with people who live close by.

•Existing friends may have other friends to whom they can introduce.

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