Man with three mules protests Torrey Pines ticket

Note: The Mules man’s update court information according to Facebook –

Mule’s court appearance has been extended to March 8, so that more preparation can be made to challenge the $485 fine he received for illegal camping at Torrey Pines. Go to for the link or email John McDonald at [email protected]

He calls himself Mule; he travels the country, living his life. An elusive figure, a man out of time, roaming the land where men have roamed for centuries unabated–he is living his American dream. His American dream connects him to the land and to his mules. His mules afford him comfort and companionship. They’re life itself to him. A special relationship few in this technological world will ever know. Few would be brave enough to follow their heart like this man or live with the sky as their roof and the grass as their carpet. No walls are needed for him to be home.

This wasn’t a problem until he traveled through Torrey Pines. In Torrey Pines that peaceful life choice was interrupted by a ticket. It claimed that Mule had been illegally camping. The simple truth was the mules were tired, it was dark, they needed to rest.

In today’s age, most laws do not reflect the life of a traveler, living life unencumbered by modern ways, living the same way that men have for centuries, men who tamed the west. To the man and his mules do we say, “Welcome, we remember your human rights, we respect your choice to live the American dream, this dream that personifies the west, living close to the land and under the sky?”

Now three mules are moving along a trail that will lead them to a San Diego Court and to the Clerk’s Office. There the man who calls himself Mule will protest his ticket of $485.

Mule has a chance meeting; a man meets him at the New Year’s Parade in Pasadena. Mule interests him, he wants to follow, to film his struggle, his name is John McDonald. John is moved by Mule’s life and his mission to bring to the light the prejudice the travelers suffer. Jan. 13, 2013, John puts up a website with a link to Facebook for Mule. Postings help John keep track of Mule. He loses him on the road to Anza, he follows his tracks which travel the old dirt Bautista trail, from Hemet to Anza, a trail that many have traveled before him. John finds the Anza man who posts, say he saw him last, Tom Firth, a mule man himself.

Tom goes out to find Mule and brings him down into the Chihuahua Valley. There Mule and John will join up again. Four days of stormy weather has Mule held up, camping in the hills. Sunday the day is clear, Mule is on the move towards Warner Springs. Mule goes to Lake Henshaw he is greeted by the Vista Water Dept., they call the sheriffs on Mule for trespassing. Mule came off the Pacific Crest Trail; he did not see the “No Trespassing” signs. He traveled on towards San Diego, John goes home to rest, he will meet him again. He will meet him at the courthouse.

Follow Mule; go to for all the links, see his citation and read the latest news. Mule has told John that he welcomes your questions, post them on Facebook. The court house is located at Superior Court 8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92123. Hours are M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  1. charlene   September 17, 2013 at 7:36 am

    hi mule I just want to comment you on a wonderful carefree life ,I admire your strength,it is a wonderful life, i can imagine. your mules are well taken care of.God will lead and guide you as you travel, the best of wishes for you and the mules. may God blessyou.

  2. charlene   September 17, 2013 at 7:53 am

    only God understands why .


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