Menifee community wants less density regarding properties

In a head-butting battle between residents and business owners regarding the Wong property, Menifee City Council members made a modification to their general plan, voting for less density on the property, reducing it to 8.1 to 14 dwelling units per acre on Wednesday, Dec.18, 2013.

City members discussed the property at their last city council meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013.

It was council members Tom Fuhrman and John Denver voting against the reduction of the density.

Higher density results in more homes on a property, and business owners want more customers,

according to Fuhrman, and residents want less density. This is why there’s such a separation between those in the community.

Low density housing allows for more open space and it can look like a large detached home on a very large residential block.

Councilman August previously stated in the last city meeting that he felt that the property was

better suited for economic development.

However, he said after talking with local churches such as the Mormon Church, he understands their concerns, such as the city not being able to guarantee what type of economic activity will be on the property, such as a bar, massage parlor or strip club.

August now believes low density is the best choice and that it is the overall preference of the residents in the area.

It will also provide higher quality living, said August. Councilman Wallace Edgerton said he happily supports August’s decision.

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