Murrieta PD to move forward with concealed weapon permit processing

Murrieta City Council heard an update on concealed weapons from Police Chief Sean Hadden during the April 4, regular council meeting. During the presentation, Hadden gave council a full update on the issue as a follow up to a workshop held in September.

Currently licensing is done through an agreement with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department which has a wait time for interviews of approximately 18 months. According to Hadden the process had been in place since the 1990s. Hadden said he wanted to know if it would be possible to find a way to speed up the process for those in the community who were interested in getting their concealed carry permits.

“The increase in interest of the general public is still there,” Hadden said.

Lt. Ron Driscoll did the research on the project, reviewing the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s policies and procedures as well as those of other municipal law enforcement agencies within the county and found that it takes approximately 22 months to successfully complete the process with the Sheriff’s Department.

“The processing of CCW permits we found was very time consuming although we did not have an exact number of how many hours it would take if we did take it over,” Hadden said. “We do know that if Murrieta did take it over that we would need additional staff.”

Hadden said the current staff would not be able to take on the permitting as a collateral duty as it would take too much time away from investigators who currently have a caseload of 15-20 cases each. He said if the city took over the permitting process he would expect there to be a surge as the Sheriff’s Department gets roughly 10 requests a month from Murrieta citizens applying for a CCW.

“You look at 10 a month over a period of 18 months and that’s about 180 people we know would come to us to see if they could get the process done faster,” he said.

Hadden said that council wanted to process some test cases to see what the time process would be so three requests were processed by the department, using outside investigators. Police also looked at fees to process the requests, including the fees for investigators to do the background checks. Hadden said it took an average of four hours per applicant for the background investigations and that $298 paid for the investigators time and that a psychological evaluation that Murrieta PD requires cost $150 in combination with the standard administrative fees, would bring the total cost per CCW permit up to $761, with the city making no money on the process.

Hadden said that due to the ease of the process and the way it was streamlined, he would be moving forward with the expedited process.

According to Hadden the city website,, will be updated with information on how to apply for a CCW permit in the very near future.

In other news, the city approved an amendment to an agreement with Hernandez, Kroone and Associates for the I-215/Los Alamos Road interchange landscaping project, extending the term of the agreement until Dec. 31 to prepare closeout documents for the project. The city also adopted a resolution allowing the Police Department to purchase two vehicles, a 2017 Dodge Durango Special Service police vehicle and a 2017 Honda Accord Sport in the amount of $83,511.

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  1. Timothy Hoskins   April 16, 2017 at 11:20 am

    This may be good news for Murrieta applicants but what about other cities like Hemet ? I was able to obtain a Utah carry permit in 60 days, Good in 37 states. Sheriff Sniff says he is pro 2nd amendment and encourages applicants to apply but doesn’t walk his talk with 2 year wait time. This is unacceptable!


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