MURRIETA: PRCS Narcotics, firearms arrest near Kalmia and Adams

With controversy surrounding the AB-109 ruling, another Murrieta search case yields drugs, guns in search and seizure thanks to Murrieta Police Department.

AB-109, also known as California State Realignment, was signed into law in November 2011.  It allows thousands of less serious felony offenders to remain out of custody and in our community.

On Oct. 19, just before 11 p.m., officers from the Murrieta Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near Kalmia Street and Adams Avenue.  The driver was identified as Ms. Jacki Lynn Cason, a Post Release Community Service (PRCS) probationer.  Ms. Cason’s passenger, Mr. Paul Joseph Munoz, admitted to the officers during the stop he was is possession of narcotics paraphernalia.  Both Cason and Munoz exited the vehicle and were detained by officers.

During a search of Ms. Cason’s vehicle officers located over 9 ounces of marijuana, as well as concentrated cannabis (aka honey oil), cash and a digital scale.  Both Cason and Munoz were arrested following the search.

As the investigation continued into the night, it became apparent that Mr. Munoz was likely in possession of a firearm at his home in Murrieta. Detectives were called in to assist and a search warrant for Mr. Munoz’ Murrieta home was authored.  That warrant was served at 6 a.m. and a rifle, along with illegal prescription pills was recovered.  Based on Ms. Cason’s PRCS status, her home in Murrieta was also searched by Detectives.  Another pound of marijuana was recovered at Ms. Cason’s home during that follow up search.

Because Ms. Cason is a PRCS (AB-109) offender, her person, vehicle and home are subject to search by law enforcement. Because Mr. Munoz is a convicted felon, he is not permitted to own or possess a firearm. Prior to AB-109, Ms. Cason would have been eligible for state prison.


Ms. Jacki Linn Cason (age 50) Residence: Murrieta
Booking # 2015-041085

Charges:  Possession of Marijuana for Sales, Conspiracy, PRCS Violation

Mr. Paul Joseph Munoz (age 36) Residence: Murrieta
Booking # 2015-041098

Charges: Possession of Marijuana for Sales, Conspiracy, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia

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