MURRIETA: Rotary Club invites nominations for ‘Hero’ honors

MURRIETA – The Rotary Club of Murrieta is inviting nominations of “heroes” who will be honored during the 2016 Murrieta Field of Honor week, Nov. 5 -12.

What is a Hero? A hero is a person (or group) who in the face of danger or adversity or from a position of weakness displays courage or self-sacrifice for the greater good.

To nominate a hero, send a picture of the Hero, a short biography, a few short sentences on why they should be selected plus contact information that includes their address, email and telephone numbers of the hero and you, to [email protected] or by private message on Murrieta Rotary’s Facebook page at

Heroes being nominated must be 18 years or older and a resident of Riverside County.

Heroes will be recognized throughout the months leading up to the Field of Honor and they will be honored at the Patriots Ball which concludes the Field of Honor Nov. 12.

Hero selections will be made by a committee of Murrieta Rotary members. All nomination information will become property of the Rotary Club of Murrieta and may be used in promotion of the Field of Honor.

For further information, contact Linda Dozier at [email protected].

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