MURRIETA: Temecula woman accused of vehicle theft, bringing drugs into jail

Manijeh Separ, 18, of Temecula was arrested Monday, Oct. 23, on suspicion of vehicle theft. Before she was booked, authorities say they found a “significant” amount of methamphetamine hiding on her person. Courtesy photo.

As Murrieta police were bringing an 18-year-old vehicle theft suspect into jail Monday, Oct. 23, they discovered the woman had come in with drugs, officials said.

Manijeh Separ, of Temecula, was arrested on suspicion of possessing a vehicle known to be stolen, bringing a controlled substance into jail and for a narcotics-related warrant, according to a Murrieta police news release.

Authorities say they were called to the 41000 block of Mountain Pride Drive about a suspicious vehicle and, when they did a record check, discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Temecula a month before.

They went to a nearby residence and contacted Separ, who they were told had been driving the stolen vehicle, and discovered there were outstanding warrants for her arrest for narcotics-related offenses and for vehicle theft. She was arrested and taken to the Cois M. Byrd Detention Center shortly after.

It was just before the booking process, they say, that “officers located a significant amount of methamphetamine secreted on her person.”


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  1. tom suttle   October 26, 2017 at 9:43 am

    For anyone 18 years of age, jail is probably more of guarantee of continuing personal failure than it is a “correctional” alternative. It is dramatically more humane – and less costly to society in the long run – to put such young offenders, however jaded they may already be, into a very different environment where properly trained and caring people can help set their lives on a straight course.


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