MWD approves electrical equipment contract for Lake Skinner treatment plant

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California approved a procurement contract to provide new electrical equipment for the Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant in Temecula.

MWD’s Nov. 5 board vote awards a $747,910.23 contract to OneSource Distributors, LLC, of Oceanside for the electrical upgrade work.

The Skinner treatment plant began operation in 1976 and delivers a blend of Colorado River and State Water Project supply to the Eastern Municipal Water District, the Western Municipal Water District, and the San Diego County Water Authority. The plant’s seven treatment modules are operated as three distinct facilities known as Plant 1, Plant 2, and Plant 3. The treatment plant has been expanded four times since its original construction and now has a treatment capacity of 630 million gallons per day.

Electrical buildings 1, 2, and 3 supply power to Plants 1 and 2 and to plant-wide equipment. The electrical buildings house six unit power centers and nine motor control centers, and the electrical components include circuit breakers, transformers, motor starters, transfer switches, and relays. The unit power center electrical components are more than 30-years-old and are reaching the end of their service life.

In Dec. 2009 MWD initiated the Skinner Electrical Building Upgrades project which replaces electrical components in a sequential manner. A series of procurement contracts is being used to purchase the replacement materials and staged installation is being performed by MWD staff. The full project is expected to be complete by Aug. 2014, and the total estimated cost is $5,716,000.

The contract awarded to OneSource Distributors is for parts required to upgrade the six unit power centers. The components include 53 circuit breakers, five transformers, three automatic transfer switches, and six digital monitoring meters. A request for bids was advertised on Aug. 9, and six bids were received and opened on Sept. 5. The OneSource Distributors bid complies with the specifications requirements, and the next highest bid was $924,771.99. The contract amount includes all sales and use taxes imposed by the State of California.

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