Officials Celebrate Start of Rail Service Project

PERRIS – The start of construction on a 24-mile commuter rail line that will link Riverside to Menifee was celebrated today, with officials touting the project as a boon to the regional economy.

”With this brand new Metrolink line, Riverside County commuters will finally be one step closer to traffic relief, as the Perris Valley Line will take an estimated 4,000 cars off the road each day,” said Rep. Mark Takano, D- Riverside. ”Investing in local infrastructure projects is one of the best stimulants for our economy, as they create jobs, increase efficiency, and provide resources for generations to come.”

Takano, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, state Sen. Richard Roth, D-Riverside, officials from the Riverside County Transportation Commission and other parties were on hand for the Perris Valley Line groundbreaking just outside March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley.

The $248 million project, which has been in the works for nearly seven years, will provide Metrolink commuter rail service along Interstate 215, adding four new stops — Hunter Park in Riverside, near March Reserve Base, downtown Perris, and south Perris, along the Menifee city boundary.

”The extension of train service from Riverside to Perris creates a critical link for Riverside County residents to reach a new jobs center,” said Judy Carpenter, president of the Riverside Medical Clinic and chair of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. ”It also creates an opportunity to attract new businesses and employers that will have significant access to a skilled workforce.”

According to the RCTC, trains along the route will ferry an estimated 4,350 riders daily. reducing vehicular traffic on the often-congested 60 and 215 freeways. The line is slated for completion in December 2015, employing around 4,000 people during the construction phase, officials said.

”Riverside County is an excellent location for employers and businesses,” said Ashley. ”The addition of train service by the end of next year will make it an even more attractive job center.”

Funding sources for the project include allocations from the county’s Measure A transportation sales tax program, as well as state and federal grants.

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  1. Reality Cheker   February 22, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Yea, ok. Maybe. But I don’t think it would be any better than takin a bus. Why? Think this through a bit. You drive your beater car to someplace close enough to walk to the train stop (you don’t really think these politicians are smart enough to think to put in parking do you?), then you buy your pass, you wait and wait, you get on, you ride until you get to Riverside. Good enough so far. But then, unless you have someone willing to come get your arse, or you feel like spending 30-40 bucks a day on taxis, your stuck at the other end with no way to get to your job. If you take a bicycle with you, you’re gonna be all sweaty and stinky by the time you get there. If you decide to buy another beater car to keep at the station at the other end of the line, don’t count on it being ther the next day, it’ll be in LA or Mexico, or being driven around by some gangbanger shooting up the place and robbing stores and beatin up little old ladies with it.
    So, somebody tell me how these so called smart politicians think they are gonna get some 4,000 cars off the highway? Eh? Sure, you can transfer to a bus that will likey stop at the station and you could maybe get close enough to where you work by transferring two or three times, but who wanna to have to take three or four hours on busses and trains to get to and from work everyday? Who’s gonna do that? Nobody, that’s who.
    This new line won’t be used by working commuters at all. It’s dumb.


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