Old Town Temecula Gunfighters take 2nd place during Arizona competition

The Old Town Temecula Gunfighters returned home Monday, Jan. 12 from their 17th annual Gathering of the Gunfighters in Arizona.

This year marks the club’s 27th year of street performing.

“The event took place at the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum in Yuma Arizona,” said Tim Kimble, who is the group’s manager. “The Temecula Gunfighters took second place in a field of eight competing reenactment teams from California, Arizona and Nevada. This is the second time the Temecula Gunfighters have traveled to Yuma to compete in this event.”

During the event, reenactors are judged on their skills and other contributing factors.

“Teams of reenactors are required to perform an eight to 15 minute skit,” Kimble said. “They are judged on their acting abilities, historical accuracy of their speech and costumes as well as safety when firing blanks.”

Kimble joined the group a couple years after it was is founded and has managed the group for 24 consecutive years, Kimble said.

“If you grew up when we did, TV was all about Gunsmoke and just about every popular TV show was a cowboy show and we kinda grew up on that,” Kimble said. “We’re street performers… we like to bring out the Old West and have fun.”

The group also does shows for private events and larger public shows, such as last year’s Reality Rally.

“For the most part, we are street performers,” Kimble said. “The guns we use are real… we use them for entertainment. We are pro-Second Amendment.”

The Temecula Gun Fighters use real antique gun for their performances.

“All the guns we use are either antiques or reproduction of guns prior to 1900,” Kimble said. “Many of our guns are a reproduction of the Colt .45 Peacemaker.”

According to Kimble, they will be at this year’s Temecula Reality Rally and they have a show you won’t want to miss.

Visit their website at http://oldtowntemeculagunfighters.com for more information.

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