Online petitions debate Mayor Long’s handling of immigration transfers

Two petitions are circulating online concerning Murrieta Mayor Alan Long and how he disseminated information about immigrant transfers to the Murrieta Border Patrol processing station during a press conference on June 30.  


Petition opposing Long

One petition started by Murrieta resident Nancy Brenner wants the city council to censure Long for violating its Code of Conduct policy.  The petition claims that Long’s statements during the press conference violated the policy by inciting a hostile anti-immigration mob to protest near the station the next day.  The resulting protest prevented immigrant transfers to the station and national media coverage of the protest damaged the city’s reputation.  

Brenner launched her petition on July 9 at and over 1,600 people have signed it.  She declined an interview stating that her petition speaks for itself.

Some Murrieta residents signing Brenner›s petition posted comments explaining their stance.

Aurora Perez doesn›t agree with the mayor or the protesters› actions.  “This should be viewed as a humanitarian issue not a political issue,” she wrote.

Wayne Blizzard believes that Long showed bad judgment and impulsiveness during the situation.  “His attempts to back pedal after he saw the havoc show that he realized that he badly miscalculated. I’m very disappointed,” he wrote.

Nancy Ashley thanked Brenner for pushing to have Long censured.  «As residents we now can›t say where we›re from and feel a sense of pride. I am embarrassed by the actions of those protesting,» she wrote.  


Petition supporting Long

Murrieta resident Patricia Padilla started the second petition that supports Long and disagrees that the council should censure him. The petition praises Long for stepping up and confronting the nation’s broken immigration policy.  It states that he showed great leadership during a difficult time and should be commended not censured.

Padilla launched her petition on July 13 at and over 450 people have signed it.  She couldn’t be reached for comment.

Padilla’s petition signers from Murrieta also posted comments stating why they support Long.

Donna Fuller thinks that Long is a man of integrity who’s doing his best to serve the community. “As our mayor, he kept the community informed and advised all concerned citizens to voice their opinions with federal representatives,” she wrote.

Sheila Dee also admires Long and how he’s handled the immigration situation.  “Long has been thrust in the spotlight in one of the most controversial topics around: Illegal Immigration. He has done an outstanding job representing us and standing firm on this matter. I›m honored to be a resident of Murrieta and proud to have the city council that we do,” she wrote.

Diane Figgs objects to censuring Long.  “I support our mayor and reject censure by many who don›t even live here,” she wrote.

 Long’s reaction to petitions

“Everyone has a right to their opinion,” Long said.  He urges citizens to view a video of the June 30 press conference on the City of Murrieta’s website so they can judge for themselves how he disseminated information about immigrant transfers.

Long said that Brenner’s petition is based on “assumptions and false information.”  He rejects the claim that his press conference statements incited residents to protest.  

“Over 70 percent of the protesters were from out of the area,” he said.  He added that it’s unfortunate that national media showed a seven-second clip of the protest at its height, which wasn’t good for Murrieta’s reputation.

“People are at a boiling point,” Long commented. “We have a broken (immigration) system.  What I’ve learned is that both sides want the same thing.  They want a fair, efficient and legal system.”

Long said he tried to reach Brenner through email on her petition page, but she didn’t respond to him.  “I offered to talk to her and give her accurate information,” he said.  

Council Member Randon Lane opposes Brenner’s petition and said he won’t agree to censure Long after Brenner gives the petition to the council.  He believes that protesters would have been in front of the station even if Long hadn’t made any statements to the media.

“I don’t think Mayor Long handled this (situation) inappropriately,” Lane said.

6 Responses to "Online petitions debate Mayor Long’s handling of immigration transfers"

  1. Fed Up   July 19, 2014 at 3:12 am

    I support Mayor Long………………..

  2. So Long!   July 19, 2014 at 7:29 am

    The City can kiss away revenue from people avoiding or boycotting Murrieta. They failed to help a federal facility in their city conduct business in favor of bringing a political circus to town. Mayor Long invited the protest and the police did not prepare to assist the federal agency accepted in the city by the council and citizens. Had long shown any regret, the City could move on from this mistake, but it seems more happy to be the epicenter of hate. From jewel of the valley to the tool of the valley. Facebook even has an active Boycott Murrieta page where people are helping the refugees rather than providing more fear for moms and little kids. Alan Long should be Mr. Wilson in the next city parade and he can be yelling at (what’s Spanish for Dennis?) to get off his lawn.

  3. observer   July 19, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Really? Nancy Brenner? A petition? I support Mayor Long!

  4. Felion48   July 19, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    I support Mayor Long as well ………………. I’ll sign the petition in his favor!

  5. bob   July 20, 2014 at 9:05 am

    I support any attempts to pressure the federal government to follow the law.

  6. Steve   July 23, 2014 at 11:21 am

    I support the Mayor in his handling of the immigration protests. It is about time people quit being such sheep and stood up for what they believe. The Federal Government is not fulfilling it’s responsibility to protect the people- close the borders.


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