Online system to ease traffic collision reporting

MENIFEE – The Menifee Police Department announced a new service to the community recently. A citizen’s online police traffic collision reporting system is now available to the public. Non-emergency, non-injury and minor traffic collisions and hit-and-run traffic collisions, which have no suspect driver information and no suspect vehicle information, can be reported online by going to the Menifee website at The service is free to the public and offers a convenient means of creating a police report for minor fender bender traffic collisions that occur within Menifee.

“This new online program provides residents with a convenient, free tool to quickly report non-emergency fender benders and hit and runs. People usually need to report traffic collisions for insurance purposes, and this new online tool is simple way to get the information needed to complete the next steps after an accident,” Menifee Police Chief Capt. Greg Fellows said. “It also gives the police department a more streamlined approach to responding to and tracking these incidents, freeing up more time to focus on resident safety.”

To submit a non-emergency incident using the online reporting system, residents can follow the link at Upon completion of the online traffic collision report, a Menifee police officer will review the report for detail and accuracy. Once approved, a Menifee Police Department case number will be provided. In the event the Menifee police officer reviewing a traffic collision report believes further investigation is required, those involved will be contacted by phone.

For all emergency accidents, always call 911. For more information about this program, contact the Menifee Police Department non-emergency line at (951) 210-1000.

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