Organization formed to provide relief for migrant children

While government leaders duke it out in Washington D.C. over immigrations policies, organizations like “Border Kids Relief Project” have formed to help provide relief through donations for the children whose futures await a judicial hearing.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation, Speak Hispanic, Family is Familia and Partner Organizations launched the nationwide project to build awareness and support for organizations providing child refugees relief in Texas, California and other locations.

Eva Smith, a Southwest Riverside resident for 16 years, is helping raise awareness of the national project locally because as a mother she wants to help the children while they are here in the United States.

Smith said she was saddened to see a negative image of Murrieta where a man spit on another man during the protest. That protest ultimately resulted in turning away of three buses carrying 140 illegal migrants to Murrieta for processing.

Smith feels her community is better than that and hopes that the negative behavior displayed at protests didn’t stain the Valley’s reputation.

“I want to understand why the children are here. If they are here because they are in fear for their life and they are running away from torture and death we need to let them go through the process to see if they qualify for asylum or need to be deported,” Smith said.

Smith has been recognized as one of the nation’s top Latina bloggers and hopes she can use her ability as an influential blogger to help a child or two.

The project does not provide relief, donation collection or adoption services. Their goal is to give visibility to organizations doing relief work on the ground and to be a resource to those who want to help these children.

For information on relief providers in Texas, California and other areas, guests can check the listings on the item donation page

“Regardless of the politics surrounding this issue, the fact of the matter is that the children and families going through this situation are suffering,” said Elianne Ramos, Principal and CEO of Speak Hispanic. “As human beings, we cannot allow ourselves to become so hard-hearted as to witness this crisis without doing something to help.”

“While they are here they should be treated with love and compassion. Not like they are less than human,” Smith said.

A few of the local charities accepting donations are St. Catherine of Siena Parish of Rialto – which is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese, San Bernardino – and Equality Alliance San Diego.

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  1. A 54 Yr Old Grandmother   July 26, 2014 at 6:55 am

    Ms. Elianne and Ms. Smith, and others leading these organizations,

    I have to wonder why you have not come forward in the past to bring visibility to organizations during relief work on the ground and been a resource for our own USA Citizens, adults and children to those who want to help them while they are living BELOW Poverty level?
    Yes, Our own children, families 1 in 4 matter a fact who are living below povery level? 1 in 5 families who try to find a shelter to eat at each night for dinner? Nope, I do not think I have seen you or any of the above agencies mentioned before, now have I?
    Hypocritical to say the least when for 100’s of years our childrens families have provided you and yours before you with vegetable, fruits, maybe helped make automobiles, or even delivered you and your Mother or Father at a hospital? OUR OWN USA citizens who have been here generations and generations who are starving in this country, who do not have a roof over their heads, are standing in line for a job that 200 others are applying for and that Job is at Taco Bell, are sleeping in their cars when you are nice and cozy in your home with your stomachs full?
    Shame on you for stepping up to the plate for people that belong in their own country, whos own countries get millions of dollars per year help from the USA and other countries, who get help from Doctors and Nurses without boundries at countless locations, who have hospitals and clinics WE have built for them, have colleges in each of those countries where Doctors and nurses are trained, whos very ill children are brought here through OUR donations anyway for a cleft lip or some other deformity to have fixed, we build them schools, and orphanages, we give them pregnancy prevention as their 12, 13, 14 yr olds have one child after another, we give them immunizations at the clinics we have built, we have hundreds of churches that donate and buy to give millions of dollars in clothes, food, school supplies and text books along with teachers to teach them, along with the church people who build and run orphanages in all of those countries because "THEY" do not bother with the prevention of MORE children, we have Military groups who go down and build houses, and repair others, along with the CASH we give their government to not only help take care of them, but to help them fight the drug war in each of those countries. Now if the MONEY we and other countries gave over so freely each year was used properly, as we should ensure it is, then every single drug lord, cartel would have been leveled by now. We have given enough money for military to actually have either bombed all the forest areas where they operate or blow them down. But, as we know the Cash we give them ends up right in the cartel’s hands, so how much stupider can we be, and how much smarter are they?
    To say those children, and btw it is not mostly children, it is mostly adults if you spent the time to be there when the bus’s arrived and saw the approx. 3 or 4 adult heads for ever 1 child, are being mistreated here is ludicrous and you must be speaking from only your computer and using news shots of just the children because those people have had a free ride all the way. Oh wait, not FREE, WE USA CITIZENS, like we always do have footed the bill, and you want to raise MORE MONEY for them? For what? Each a new home to live in while your neighbor from 8 yrs ago is now living out of their car? Seriously ladies, those who have been coming have had better hotel rooms then most of us have ever seen, with room service, catered meals, free transportation anywhere they want to go, piles of new clothes to pick through from major department stores (While we have small organizations trying to get just coats for OUR own children), who are going freely to OUR hospitals free of charge, of course like they always have even for a cold, to get checked out from head to toe (heck can that lady down the street afford t hat with the insurance she has to pay all these deductibles for? I doubt she can) just to be told they are fat and healthy, (Per several Drs. and nurses where children went in San Diego)no signs of abuse of any sort other then very young girls with babies or pregnant which has always been par for the course with people from these countries, no signs of malnutrician, diseases or any other mild or serious health problems. NOT one child was found to be suffering such LADIES, and do you even read the news where that was noted?
    Basically you are forming groups to get these kids, thier families more money and assistance, Aid, when you need to be working on getting them OUT OF HERE so we can work on saving our own PEOPLE and their children. Because there is not going to be any USA soon to even think of helping anyone else cause we cannot even help ourselves FIRST.
    All of this movement of these "FAMILIES" into the USA is only being done so hap hazzardly NOW is so that this rush across the border will get them all in on the Amnesty that OBAMA is planning to give out to everyone in this country on a certain date who are illegals. And we are stupid enough to just let them keep walking across and there will continue to be people like you all forming more and more organizations to aid them instead of aiding OUR OWN UNITED STATES CITIZENS.


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