Outdoor shooting range opens to the public

For gun enthusiasts, Jan. 19 marked the first Gun Appreciation Day in the United States. That day, however, also marked the semi-grand opening of Sewet Gun Range in Anza. Gun enthusiasts who visited the shooting range on Jan. 19 and 20 were greeted with free admission and unlimited time to test out and enjoy the new range.

Sewet Gun Range (Sewet is the Cahuilla Indian word for ‘snake’) is a 10-acre, public access outdoor shooting range on 67,000 acres of sovereign Native American land. Before the decision to open to the public, the shooting range was originally intended for current armed forces of all kinds to privately train under intensely professional circumstances. Sewet Gun Range received a large amount of positive feedback however, suggesting public access. 

Now open to the public, gun owners visiting the range will have the option of the pistol/shotgun static range, a 100-yard long rifle range, the combat tactics range (in which a vehicle is placed for any current), or simply allow retired armed forces to train and hone their skills in vehicle marksmanship. Experienced instructors are also on hand to teach any gun owner who wants to learn proper vehicle marksmanship.

There is also a dynamic movement shooting range is also available where walking and shooting will be taught or for experienced marksmen to further sharpen their skills. Adding to the variety of shooting options, Sewet Gun Range will soon boast a 1000-yard shooting range that is currently under construction. At this range, shooters can challenge and strengthen their long-range sharp shooting skills. 

Sewet Gun Range is different than traditional outdoor gun ranges. Many gun ranges in California only offer fixed-lane shooting at one set shooting distance which prohibits gun holstering where a table must be in front of the shooter to place their guns and ammunition.

Jeff Kennedy and his wife Shyla, both of Hemet who came to checkout the range during the semi-opening on Jan. 19, stated that they especially enjoyed the fact that they’re not limited to a set target distance, which permits them the use of a gun holster.

They can move back and forth freely changing up the target distance which improves their marksmanship and allows the sport of it to be more diversified and fun.

Sewet Gun Range wants to appeal to gun enthusiasts in a way that allows them to have more freedom and flexibility in a variety of shooting conditions when visiting. 

In charge of operations at Sewet Gun Range is 42-year-old Chris Davis, who also runs and owns Black Knife Research and Development – a physical training company that specializes in teaching hand-to-hand, close contact, combative knowledge by highly skilled instructors in the private and public sector.

At Sewet Gun Range, in conjunction with Black Knife Research and Development, Chris Davis will apply the same combat proven techniques to train with strong focus on offensive and defensive drills with highly skilled instructors from different backgrounds of military, law enforcement, federal agencies as well as instructors from the private sector.

Chris Davis also encourages any armed forces, whether it be local or military, to come out and train at Sewet Gun Range. Along with the highly emphasized private training courses offered by Sewet Gun Range, they teach basic gun safety, discipline and responsibility.

Not to mention, if you’re just simply interested in a range to bring yourself or your family and practice shooting targets outdoors, this is the place to do just that.

If you watch or read the news, it doesn’t take long to learn of the recent push for stricter gun laws and regulations in the United States. Because of this, the NRA (National Rifle Association) along with responsible gun owners and gun businesses continually voice their opinions and constitutional rights regarding gun ownership. 

Gun advocates, holding their fear of a disarmed nation, and gun control advocates, who propose more laws regarding gun ownership, gun buying, types of guns being sold, and who can carry a weapon in general, go back and forth in an increasingly heated debate in what seems to be a divided nation where a compromise is seldom met and only leaves one end of the spectrum in gun politics unhappy.

Chris Davis of Sewet Gun Range is of course aware of the current controversies surrounding gun laws and says, “We are strong advocates and very passionate about educating people regarding safe, responsible gun usage and ownership as well as our on-going effort in removing the stigma about guns. We support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American.”

Sewet Gun Range will also work hard to prevent any environmental footprint. All bullet shells will be collected and resold to be repacked.

Slated to have an official grand opening within the next four weeks, Chris Davis is excited to offer this public outdoor shooting range to local gun enthusiasts as well as those farther from the immediate area. He has future plans of instructors teaching bow-making for children and overnight survival training where trainees will be monitored by experienced instructors in the event of needing emergency assistance.

Ammunition may or may not be sold at the facility, but no ammunition or guns will ever be left overnight, or on the premises during non-hours of operation. 

Sewet Gun Range encourages anyone to come out. Their new facility, along with the training courses they provide, are always evolving. They can setup and tailor your own course to your specific desire of training, for all levels of experience.

Prices are $25 per hour/per shooting lane and limited to three persons per lane, $10 for each additional person. A $1000 yearly membership which includes unlimited range time is also available. Conditions apply.

Weekly and monthly seminars are available, as well as private instruction. Group discounts and corporate discounts may also be an option.

Sewet Gun Range is located at 52700 Highway 371 in Anza. For more information, call

(951) 514-9185.

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