Permanent makeup has lasting appeal

It is often joked about how long it takes women to get ready in the mornings. With the ever-growing cosmetic field, women have to spend more time each day picking out their perfect shades and colors in everything from eyeliner to lipstick. In addition, perfecting makeup techniques is not easy for everyone. Now, permanent makeup is becoming a popular alternative.

Rebecca Halley is an experienced and licensed clinical aesthetician. She attended Royale College of Beauty in Temecula and is an active member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals as well as The American Academy of Micropigmentation. She has worked for salons in San Diego and Temecula in the past and currently is the owner of Skin FX in Temecula, which opened at the beginning of this year.

Skin FX offers several services for results-oriented skin treatment, such as facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. However, Halley believes one of her specialties to be permanent makeup. Over the past four years, Halley has done several hundred permanent makeup procedures.

When hearing the words “permanent” and “makeup” together, many people are quick to say it is not for them. Many worry about the long-term effects as well as the procedure itself. Halley helps to ease those worries, explaining, “In [a client’s] consultation when we pick the color I usually mix colors together to make a custom color just for that person.” Halley makes sure that the color chosen matches the client’s skin pigments and coloring to make a natural-looking choice. If, by chance, the client changes her mind after a year or two and would like a different color, that is no problem either. “Changing colors is really easy,” admits Halley.

As far as the procedure itself goes, Halley uses a state-of-the-art machine. “It is completely digitally controlled and very stable, so it has perfect implantation every time. It is the safest machine on the market.” At the client’s free consultation, Halley works with the client to decide which procedure and color best suits her, choosing makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, lash enhancement, lip liner or full lips. Procedures take one to two hours and basically tattoos on the makeup. However, it is different from traditional tattooing because it does not go as deep. The makeup is implanted under the top layer of skin and iron oxide pigments are used. Although the makeup has a darker “stamped on” look initially and can feel a bit tender or have slight swelling, after a few days the look softens. By the second week the makeup looks completely fresh and natural.

“It really helps people with little or no eyebrows and can help people raise their self esteem and self image. Plus, you save time every day,” says Halley. Others who may benefit from permanent makeup include people with allergies to most makeup brands or those hoping to correct facial features. Plus, permanent makeup cannot sweat or rub off.

However, Halley emphasizes the best way to be satisfied with the results of permanent makeup is to make sure to consult with a qualified provider, ask a lot of questions and do your research. Since permanent makeup is relatively new, there are not a lot of regulations yet. That is why Halley is constantly continuing her education with classes and seminars. She maintains a high standard of cleanliness and uses pigments from Europe, which follow strict guidelines. Her makeup is of the highest quality, as is the machine she uses.

Halley is currently planning an information seminar for any who are interested in learning more about permanent makeup or have questions of their own to ask. She will go over the procedure in depth, explain what is to be expected and give a demonstration. To contact Halley or get further information on the seminar please reach her at (951) 662-1457 or visit Skin FX at 29645 Rancho California Road, suite 205, inside Doctor Leong’s office in Temecula.

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