Pits that tried to kill poodle remain at large

SAN JACINTO – A pair of pit bulls that attacked and injured a poodle on a walk with his owner in San Jacinto remained at large today.

The two dogs and their owner have not been identified since the mauling Wednesday morning in the area of Garrett Way and Villines Avenue.

Part of the attack was captured on a home security surveillance tape later broadcast on several newscasts. Ramona Animal Control, a nonprofit that services the city of San Jacinto, is handling the matter.

Enrique Carrillo of San Jacinto said he was walking with his 10-year-old poodle “Bobo” when a woman walking the two pits on the same street lost control of them, allowing the canines to go after him and his beloved pet.

The larger dogs pounced on Bobo, chomping down on his neck and back until Carrillo, with the help of a witness, wrenched the poodle free and beat back the pit bulls.

The dogs’ owner did not take responsibility for the attack, leaving the scene before anyone could get her name and other identifying details, according to media reports.

Carrillo immediately took his injured poodle to a veterinary clinic, where the pooch was treated and put on the road to recovery. He is back home and back on his feet, while his owner is saddled with vet bills in excess of $1,000, Carrillo said.

Anyone with information was urged to contact Ramona Animal Control at (951) 487-6565.

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  1. Preston   September 23, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Pit Bulls are portrayed by many animal shelters and adoption agencies as loving dogs and even great family dogs however when things go wrong with one of these dogs the results are usually critical especially with children. I am a dog person so it is difficult for me to say this however with all the great breeds of dog there are, there is simply no reason to promote Pit Bulls and even feel they they should be banned.


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