Protesters of migrants bused to Murrieta claim victory, mayor says, ‘Not so fast’

Video by JP Raineri


Heated protests caused buses carrying undocumented immigrants traveling to Murrieta to divert plans.

The scene at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station on Madison Ave. was described as intense with over a hundred people from around the Valley waving signs, shouting their stance and debating with those in opposition. When the three white buses with blacked out windows rolled in protestors stood in front of them waving signs and shouting their position. Some of the signs read, “Impeach Obama,” “Obama is a socialist,” and “Put veterans first.”

Despite local law enforcement standing in between buses and protesters the buses stood idle for about a half hour before turning around.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long said he hopes the community will keep things constructive.

“It is their constitutional right to protest and express their views,” said Long. “However, just because the undocumented immigrants were taken elsewhere today, doesn’t mean we won. This is not over.”

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Wednesday at Murrieta Mesa High School in Murrieta. The public can call (951) 837-4343 to get updated information about the transfer of the immigrants to Murrieta. The public can also send an email to for more info.


Murrieta Mayor Alan Long stood in solidarity with other city and local officials at a press conference Monday addressing the arrival and their disapproval of undocumented immigrants beginning Tuesday.

Through the month of June the city and local Border Patrol were told the detainees from Texas would be heading in droves to the community but three times the plans were rescinded

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  1. Wolfsteiner   July 4, 2014 at 4:36 am

    No wants this stuff any more Someone else people to take care of.


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