Republican Women herald opening of the Temecula Republican Headquarters

Menifee Mayor Scott Mann speaks to a group of Republicans during an open house held at the Temecula Valley Republican Headquarters June 11. Shane Gibson photo
Menifee Mayor Scott Mann speaks to a group of Republicans during an open house held at the Temecula Valley Republican Headquarters June 11. Shane Gibson photo

“Not to vote, is a vote for Hillary,” was the message from Republicans Saturday at the opening of the Temecula Valley Republican headquarters at 28120 Jefferson Ave. “Donald Trump is our Republican nominee.”

This was suggested by Jonathon Ingram, recently elected to the Republican Central Committee in the 67th District who moderated the headquarters opening hosted by the Temecula Valley Republican Women Federated. Ingram, a Murrieta City Councilman, was joined by Scott Mann, Menifee Mayor and Chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party and Temecula City Council candidate Adam A. Ruiz.

Also attending were Marie Waldron, 75th District Assemblywoman; Randon Lane, Mayor of Murrieta; Gloria Karlak. president of TVRWF; Melody Ingram and Mary Ann Miller, campaign precinct workers and other TVRWF members. Young Republican representative Mario Herrera and other Republican representatives were also in attendance.

Special guest Mike Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney, spoke about the alleged voter fraud being precipitated by hackers on the internet. He said his investigators are working to find out how hackers were able to get into the county’s Voter Registrar’s Web pages and change the party affiliations of some Republicans to Democrats. The investigation came after many Republican voters complained they were not getting their requested absentee ballots for the primary election or finding their registrations had somehow been changed.

“We have found there are voter registration problems,” Hestrin said. He said he had met with the Riverside County Registrar of Voters on the issue and made sure that every voter would get their correct ballot at the polls in the June 7 primary.

“No one is going to be disenfranchised in this county,” Hestrin said. “Everyone who asked got provisional ballots.”

Karlak at the headquarters’ opening meeting asked Hestrin if all of the voter registrations that had been changed were Republicans. He said the investigation indicated that “only Republicans have been disenfranchised as far as they know now.” He said he was not sure if the registration problems were going on statewide, but his investigators were looking into the possibility.

He said the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office is still using the outdated DOS system in their offices as well as most of the county offices. “We need to upgrade our technology,” Hestrin said, noting that it is too easy for hackers to get into the older systems. He said the problem may be much larger and needs to reach the Board of Supervisors to get it solved. He added that while the investigators know that hackers have managed to get into the county system they still do not know who they are or where they may be from.

Karlak noted that all voters, Republican or Democrat can still register for the upcoming General Election where it appears Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will square off for the U.S. presidency Nov. 7.

On that issue the Republican guests were urged to get out and register as many voters as possible, whether or not they are Republicans or Democrats. It was emphasized that while Republican voters in the state at one time actually outnumbered the Democrats many of them have become complacent and not turned out to vote.

“We have to be united. We cannot afford to stay home this time, that is the way I see it,” Assemblywoman Walden, fresh from Sacramento said. She said that currently the assembly has 80 members, with 52 democrats and three Republican seats up for election this term. “It takes 54 votes to raise taxes. That is why we are focusing on protecting those seats.” She said it was almost certain that if the democrats take control of the assembly taxes would be raised to new heights. “We cannot afford to lose any seats!”

She claimed, “This is the weirdest election cycle ever. I thought the California primary would make a difference. God is totally in control here.”

Lane, who lost out in his bid for the Riverside County 3rd District seat in the primary, took the floor to say “we ran a good strong campaign,” but on the urging his party constituents said he would still run again for his Murrieta City Council seat.

It was Lane who pointed to the statistics shown in the last election that in Riverside County there are more registered Republicans (347,000) than registered Democrats (336,000) but on 117,000 Republicans show up to vote. “This has got to stop!” said Lane.

“We need do it (get Republicans out to vote) online, go to moto voters on scene or any other way we can…Make sure we are getting Republicans out to vote.” He said it was important that the different offices, like the AQMD and some school boards remain with the majority being Republican members. “We still have a conservative view in Riverside County, let’s keep it that way!”

Looking at the presidential election he reiterated, “If you don’t vote for Donald Trump, it is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Karlak from the TVRWF said the Republican Headquarters offices will officially open sometime close to Sept. 13. “That is when out official ribbon cutting will be.”

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