Riverside County: Law enforcement agencies slated to step up targeted patrols to catch drunken drivers

Law enforcement agencies throughout Riverside County today are slated to step up targeted patrols to catch drunken drivers, speeders and other scofflaws as part of a Memorial Day weekend crackdown.

The county’s Avoid the 30 task force — named for the number of area police agencies involved — began deploying saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints Friday night.

The effort coincides with the California Highway Patrol’s Memorial Day weekend “Maximum Enforcement Period,” during which all available officers hit the streets to snare intoxicated motorists, distracted drivers and other traffic violators.

During the 2013 Memorial Day weekend Avoid campaign, 205 people were arrested on suspicion of drunken or drug-impaired driving in Riverside County, compared to 230 the year before.

Driver’s license checkpoints and concentrated patrols are planned tonight in Palm Springs and San Jacinto.

Authorities offered the following tips for residents planning to host get-togethers where alcohol will be served:

— ensure guests who choose to imbibe have a designated driver or can arrange for ride-sharing;

— serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages;

— limit drinks to one or two over several hours per person; and

— take the keys away from an individual showing obvious signs of drunkenness and call them a cab if necessary.

The anti-DUI operations wrap up tomorrow night.

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