Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff Memorial will be held on May 9

MURRIETA – Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff will be among the family and friends who will appear May 9 during the unveiling of a memorial in Murrieta in honor of a slain deputy, a sergeant said today. The ceremony will also feature the unveiling of a mural 20 years to the day sheriff’s Deputy Kent Hintergardt was gunned down during a predawn domestic disturbance call, Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Will Edwards said. The 2 p.m. ceremony will be held in front of the sheriff’s Southwest station, located at 30755-A Auld Road, in Murrieta. The Riverside Sheriff’s Association also will participate, Edwards said. On Mother’s Day 1993 Hintergardt, 33, went to an apartment complex in Temecula and encountered the suspect, Mark John Kamaka, in the parking lot. Kamaka had strangled his girlfriend, Allison Jacobs, 23, whose body was found in her apartment, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Witnesses told authorities that when Kamaka handed his driver’s license to Hintergardt he pulled out a gun, opened fire and fled. Kamaka, 37, later killed himself, the Press-Enterprise reported. Hintergardt became the first peace officer in Temecula to die in the line of duty in 86 years. He was the father of a 16-month-old daughter and his wife was expecting another daughter at the time.

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  1. Corky   April 25, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    I can understand now why the RSO San Jacinto Police Station, would not accept me as a volunteer groundsman standing behind the Riverside Sheriff’s Equestrian Mounted Officers horses with a shovel let alone a manure fork, because of those who chose to instead accept possible incarceration for crimes like felony spousal abuse that so many law enforcement folks face everyday in their local community’s of families no matter what side of the bars they hail from?

    At least in Long Beach, Los Angeles County where I grew up their were so many cops and convicts who always knew I was a dork and never really lost my head even under the regular nightly neighborhood disputes with gun fire? Like the time I while taking an EMT refresher course at Long Beach City College? One night went down the alley where I lived with my mother to see what I could do for the local Hispanic guy " Hector," while still under gun fire I managed to duck behind a telephone pole in the dark while my mother watching from the window became very concerned about my welfare? As after I arrived seeing the head wound to Hectors brain from a 45 caliber hand gun in which several blacks in their dispute with Hector shot him and another male Hispanic and then calmly walked away. While after about 15 -20 minutes two LBPD old timer cops arrived moving very slowly down the alley even after I said it was clear with their flash lights and had the LBFD Paramedics scoop and carry old Hector off to St. Mary’s where he didn’t make it?

    That’s when Momma decided it was time for US to move to our now home here in Hemet, Riverside County which seems now to be facing many of the same problems we faced in LA with crimes and domestic disputes now at least these past 8 to ten years under this new administrations attempt to make Riverside the Mecca of the Inland Empire as all the other counties and their mutual aids and resources being drained by the many 911 calls of so many 5150’s etc., as well as some neighbors who just recently called HPD 911 to complain about my playing of classical music like Bach or Betoven from my favorite radio station KUSC FM radio compared to their gangster 187 rap music with every other word a profanity and threats of violence of today’s generation compared to those hippies of the 60’s and 70’s that I grew up to listening to?

    Well whether or not the sheriff’s department or any other fire and law enforcement emergency first responders wish to to accept me as a volunteer given the fact of liability and myself an outpatient of the VA with my own medical problems and record of service to have more pig tracks than Chino stockyards " If a cattle prod don’t work a forklift sure will," joke when the Vegans decided to make it’s cattle herding a question of concern when they videoed them preparing their stock for markets to feed a hungry Inland Empire just like Oscar Mayer, Farmer John, or Hebrew National all had to answer to a higher authority to sell their products?

    As growing up in Los Angeles with " Sheriff John’s Lunch Brigade," after school lunch? now find myself in the same state as an ex volunteer for senior nutrition on medical leave since I broke my foot and now myself in a terminal state of affairs in my health seeking refuge with Riverside County’s Medical Examiner Stanley Sniff with what I nicked named " Sheriff Sniff’s Lunch Brigade," with seniors as recycled teenagers and without the cartoons of Sheriff John and LA County to lift my spirits in these days of concern like the recent Boston Marathon bombings by two brothers as well as the fertilizer explosion in Texas, along with North Korea’s and other countries still looking to take their internal domestic disputes to American shores with war and terrorism makes me glad at least I like a sailor can still take a joke even if the joke is on me as alone as the the Lone Ranger was in Texas with the Rangers " BRASSOS," – " POSSE COMATOSSE," if you need me I have a shovel will travel, and on my Schwinn you wont have to fix any parking tickets for me being a willing volunteer to wash dishes or just shovel manure and in case of a disaster with CERT? I will continue to do good turns as a lone scout living in rural America through congress like the RNC and NRCC even if at this time I cant keep up my dues as a junior member while I am still in sort of a morning over my mothers recent passing away as I’m sure Riverside County and rest of this country must also feel in loss in there memorials including are military with another " TROOPER DOWN ?"

    So in closing not in disrespect to show " Omage," like those pilots showed Doolittle in WWII after Pearl Harbor, in their respect for him as their command Decision’s commanding officer just prior to that famous raid from the decks of the Hornet?

    I would like to give Riverside County’s Sheriff’s Department the same kind of spirit that kept LAPD and law enforcement around the world the fighting spirit of Joseph Wambaugh’s books and movies like " The New Centurion’s, – " The Choir Boys," and maybe even the " Black Marble," which next to " Patton," and other American heritage movies like " Patton," and " 1941," – " Cath 22." about our military? May the power of the Swatzkopf be with you always young and old Skywalkers and Sky Pilots " Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition ?"

    In loving memory may we never go as far as " Dr. Strangelove," or " THX 1138," and "LOGANS RUN ?" In this planet of Angels and Apes ? And like a Riverside RSO once told me " It was his policy to answer 415 domestic bar fight disputes with lights and sirens code 3, 4 or 5 blocks before arriving on the scene" So for officer safety reasons the only thing to worry about was calling the coroner, or those water squirting fairies from fire with the paramedics and ambulances rather than having to shoot it out with those involved like the time I moonlighted as a security guard at a Hispanic Party in Pomona being the only one with body armor? Following a fight when I stopped another guard who got punched in the nose several male Hispanics with these famous words of advice " Never follow male Hispanics into a parking lot when they start to open the trunks of their cars as it just isn’t done even if you got body armor with a 1/4 inch trauma plate over your heart ?"

    So lets keep those flags at have mast because the worse thing than making trouble for an individual morning over the loss of a loved one? Is to make trouble for law enforcement over an officer down just like that guy ex- LAPD cop who went beserk when he got fired and should of just took a job as a rent a cop like Gary Coleman, and not take it out on those fellow officers and their families just because they were following policy and their own concerns for the conduct of someone who like me may of suffered one to many personal injuries and mental issues of family ?

  2. CORK   April 25, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Well unapproved or approved at least I got the editors attention as I know I have to work on my journalism correspondence in writer to writer contests? Like when I took the California’s State Literacy programs ” Writer to Writer,” contest with my report of Mary Higgens Clark’s book ” Mount Vernon Love Story,” against ” Chicken Soup For The Brain,” for which I lost flat out being a male competing against a woman in the State of California that bored me like that Marine Journalist in the Movie ” Full Metal Jacket,” Private Joker?

    Semper Fi RSO ? Semper Fi !


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