S.A.F.E. Teen Anger Management Program

Safe Alternatives for Everyone is committed to stopping the cycle of violence. One of the ways the agency is doing that is by providing an anger management course designed specifically for teens. S.A.F.E. is offering the 12-week anger management course for teens at their office in the Temecula Community Center.The course is designed to teach coping skills to help prevent a teen from acting out with violence. The course in Temecula is starting January 7th and will run every Wednesday for 12 weeks. Teens are referred from families, probation officers, schools and police officers. “Our goal is to help these young people deal with stressors and triggers that can lead them to a violent response” states S.A.F.E. Executive Director Melissa Donaldson. “The course is designed for teens and facilitators June Early and Rebecca Cohen are going to make it fun and educational for them. We have been asked how many times they can miss before they are kicked out of the program. We don’t kick anyone out. The way to help people is to engage them and if we kick them out for some arbitrary attendance standard, they are not getting the help they came for. Kicking people out of programs designed to help individuals who are struggling has never made sense to me. Ms. Donaldson states. “A student may be asked to leave the room if they are inappropriate but they are always welcomed back next week with a clean slate! Obviously we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the students and staff and we do, but as a policy we do not terminate services for lack of attendance or participation.”“The teens know why they are in the course and they know who they have to answer to if they do not attend. They need to take responsibility along with their parents. Our goal is to welcome them, give them resources when they are there and make an impact for the time we have them.” That doesn’t mean we don’t expect them to work, we do, but we don’t want them feeling ashamed or feel like they will once again be in trouble. S.A.F.E. is not going to be one more place they fail. Our goal is success in any increment we can get it!” says Donaldson.The anger management course will include snacks, raffles and an atmosphere of learning and safety for young people. All additional services S.A.F.E. provides will be available to the teens and their families as well. Sign ups will only be taken for two more weeks with a cost of $75.00 for the entire 12-week course. Families will not be denied services for the inability to pay. There are only a few spaces left so if you are interested please call 587-3900.An additional anger management course will be offered for pre-teens in Murrieta starting in February! Please call S.A.F.E. for more information. “Working Together We Can End Family Violence”

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