San Jacinto Avenue reconstruction begins

San Jacinto’s busy San Jacinto Avenue will become even busier for the fall and into the new year with announcement by city council that the long-sought street reconstruction from 7th Street to Midway Avenue begins Sept. 1 and two new retail developments have been approved along the way.

Heavy equipment to reconstruct and revitalize the crumbling San Jacinto Avenue will start moving on the byway this week. The project will consist of tearing up, regrinding and replacing the degraded San Jacinto Avenue and rebuilding all four lanes of the 1.1-mile street segment. It will be completed by the end of the calendar year.

The San Jacinto planning commission approved a proposal from Mark Development, Aug. 21, to construct a 19,056-square-foot building on San Jacinto Avenue at Commonwealth Avenue to develop an Aldi grocery store. The project marked the second new retail development approved in San Jacinto during the past three months. That project, a Starbucks drive-thru coffee shop, will be constructed in the Stater Bros. Center along San Jacinto Avenue.

Funded by Measure A and a federal grant, the $512,400 repaving project is attributed to the city’s new economic development outreach, San Jacinto City Manager Rob Johnson said.

“San Jacinto Avenue is a well-traveled connector that needs care and attentions,” he said. “It is also one of our most attractive business corridors that will see a handful of new retail attractions come to it very soon. Improving our streets and infrastructure is a must.”

The Aldi grocery store project will include another 6,040-square-foot building for additional retail on the site. Aldi has its own style when it comes to grocery shopping and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing retailers in the United States. Information is available on the stores’ website,

“The city is excited to welcome Aldi to San Jacinto and offer it low-priced, unique brand of shopping to the community,” Johnson said. “With Starbucks and Aldi coming to town, San Jacinto is experiencing attention from a regional prospective. Our housing starts are going through the roof, which is a great economic indicator for our retail recruitment success.”

With the San Jacinto Avenue road project underway, the city will use the social media and electronic newsletter to provide construction updates. Motorists and community members will soon see electronic construction signage and posted construction signs along the designated construction area from 7th Street to Midway Avenue. Alternative routes should be sought, and reminders heeded to drive safely through the construction zone. The construction is expected to be completed by All American Asphalt in December 2017.

Johnson said the city is also launching the #advanceSJ hashtag, which will be seen throughout its economic development materials. #advanceSJ, much like #GoSanJacinto will help to spotlight amenities and bring attention to the improvement being for the community by the city and its partners.

For more information and to get started connecting with updates from city hall, text GOSANJACINTO to 22828.

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