San Jacinto Councilman Andrew Kotyuk seeks California Assembly seat

San Jacinto City Councilman and former Mayor Andrew Kotyuk announced his intention to run for the 42nd Assembly District seat against embattled Yucca Valley legislator, Chad Mayes, a few days before the Assemblyman was ousted from his California Republican Party leadership role.

In a news release announcing his candidacy, Kotyuk wrote, “My priority will be on cutting taxes and regulations to create jobs and get government out of our lives, so the low and middle income can prosper. There is too much work to be done for the ‘Game of Thrones profiting campaign accounts’ to continue with Chad Mayes.”

He said in his statement released last week, “The outcry from my fellow residents of the 42nd District for leadership that is focused on fixing problems faced by taxpayers and working with families of the Inland Empire has been too strong to ignore. I cannot stand on the sidelines while Californians face higher taxes, bureaucracies on steroids and out of control spending. This kills jobs and the opportunity of a better life for our families and children. Having children nearing college age, I understand the challenges of raising children today that families face and want to tackle those issues head on.”

Kotyuk is a two-time former mayor of San Jacinto who was elected following a corruption scandal, and he is widely credited with working with his colleagues to bring ethical government back to his local community. He remains in his council seat and is often called on by his fellow council members to explain the intricacies of commercial and government finance.

Kotyuk graduated from California State University San Bernardino with a bachelor’s in business, and he received his Investment Management Consultants Association certificate from the Warton School of Business. He currently owns and operates two businesses, Alpha Wealth Management and SoCal Propane. A U.S. Navy military veteran, Kotyuk served as an aviation electronics engineer aboard the USS Bataan. He is married to his wife, Amanda and has three children.

He has been the appointed director on several Riverside County regional boards, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, Riverside Transit Agency and the Southern California Regional Rail Authority Metrolink. He is the chairman of the board for Metrolink and has been chairman for a number of other community organizations.

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